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Beast Roars in Monster Debut

Disney's live-action remake annihilates G and PG records with $170M opening

(Newser) - Disney's live-action Beauty was a beast at the box office, opening with an estimated $170 million in North American ticket sales and setting a new high mark for family movies, reports the AP . Beauty and the Beast dominated globally, notes the Hollywood Reporter , pulling in another $180 million from... More »

Beauty and the Beast: 'Less Magical' but Entertaining

Disney's live-action remake is in theaters

(Newser) - Disney's original Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. In other words, its live-action remake starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens has a tough act to follow. According to critics, it's good—but doesn't quite measure up to... More »

Emma Watson Has Private Photos Hacked

The actress's team has notified their lawyers

(Newser) - Emma Watson is taking legal action after dozens of private photos of her were leaked online this week, the BBC reports. According to the Telegraph , the photos started getting attention on social media Tuesday night. The photos appear to have originated on 4chan alongside others purporting to show Amanda Seyfriend,... More »

Emma Watson Photo Starts Bizarre Feminism Uproar

She can't possibly be a feminist if she's willing to wear this, some argue

(Newser) - Emma Watson didn't even take her top all the way off, and people are freaking out. The Beauty and the Beast star posed for Vanity Fair wearing a sheer top that bared part of her breasts, and as Sky News reports, the backlash was swift. "Emma Watson: '... More »

Emma Watson Implicated in the Panama Papers

Harry Potter and the Offshore Shell Company

(Newser) - David Cameron, Vladimir Putin, Hermione Granger. Actress Emma Watson has joined the ranks of world leaders implicated in the Panama Papers, the Mirror reports. According to the Independent , Watson was linked to a company based in the British Virgin Islands in a new batch of documents published online Monday. But... More »

EmmaYouAreNext.com: What It Was Really About

Emma Watson nude photo 'threats' actually a hoax

(Newser) - If you heard that Emma Watson might be the next celebrity to have nude photos leaked to the public, well, you heard wrong. EmmaYouAreNext.com , the website threatening to release naked pictures to retaliate against Watson for her recent pro-feminism speech , is actually run by Rantic Marketing—and it was... More »

Emma Watson: Feminism Is Not 'Man-Hating'

Actress gives impassioned speech at UN headquarters

(Newser) - Emma Watson gave a passionate speech against gender inequality at UN headquarters Saturday as the actress, who was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador six months ago, launched the HeForShe campaign. The campaign aims to "mobilize men" to fight for gender equality, reports E! , which has a transcript of... More »

Emma Watson in Hot Water With ... Immigration Officials

She may have had US housekeeper illegally work for her in London

(Newser) - Here's something you probably never expected to read about Emma Watson: She could be in trouble with British immigration officials. Watson allegedly brought her American housekeeper with her to the UK on a tourist visa ... while the housekeeper continue to work for her, Time reports, citing the Independent . The... More »

11 Stars With Secret Skills

Including Willie Nelson, who just got his black belt

(Newser) - When you think of Willie Nelson, "country singer" and " r ampant pot smoker " are the two descriptions that first come to mind. But now you can add "black belt" to that list. It seems Nelson, who turns 81 this week, has a not-very-well-known love of martial... More »

JK Rowling: I Screwed Up Marriage in Potter Series

Author says Hermione should have married Harry, not Ron

(Newser) - Harry Potter fans, hope you're sitting down—and SPOILER ALERT to any who haven't read the seventh and final book. JK Rowling says that marrying Ron and Hermione was a mistake written as "a form of wish fulfillment." In an interview with Emma Watson, portrayer of... More »

Letterman, Fallon Shows Go on ... Minus Audiences

Storm halts Broadway, film productions

(Newser) - David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon didn't let superstorm Sandy stop them taping their shows yesterday, but there was nobody except crew members around to laugh, Entertainment Weekly reports. Letterman started his show sitting behind his desk in an empty Ed Sullivan Theater while Fallon started his show in the... More »

16 Celebs Who've Done Full-Frontal

Will Emma Watson join their ranks?

(Newser) - Little Hermione Granger—naked?! Yep, Emma Watson said in a recent magazine interview that she would consider doing a sex scene "if it's important to the story." If she does, she could join the ranks of these 16 stars rounded up by Celebuzz , all of whom have... More »

Riskiest Celeb to Google? Emma Watson

Her name is a magnet for malicious sites

(Newser) - Harry Potter fans, beware: Emma Watson may pose a threat to your computer. One in eight sites that appear in a search for the actress are malicious, pushing malware or stealing personal data, according to McAfee. That makes her the "most dangerous" celeb on the Internet. Also watch out... More »

11 Celebs Attending College This Fall

Emma Watson, Hannah Dakota Fanning among the studious

(Newser) - Celebrities may like guns and have weird addictions , but they enjoy speaking in full sentences too. So let's salute those who are heading to college this fall (and not include James Franco, for once, if possible). From the Huffington Post :
  • Hannah Dakota Fanning: The actor seen in The Twilight
... More »

Harry Potter Zaps Box Office Record, Nabs $168.6M

Deathly Hallows Part 2 collects $475.6M globally in massive opening weekend

(Newser) - Harry Potter went out with a true bang: The final installment in the wizarding saga, the Deathly Hallows Part 2, notched almost half a billion dollars internationally, with an opening weekend take of $475.6 million. That shattered the previous record, Harry Potter and the Half -Blood Prince, which the... More »

Fans Gather for Final Harry Potter Premiere

Potter fans sit through London downpour to see actors on red carpet

(Newser) - Thousands of Harry Potter fans have camped out in rainy central London ahead of the premiere of the final film in the series. Braving weather that made it almost impossible to sleep, the fans sheltered under umbrellas today to mark their spot in Trafalgar Square—where the stars of the... More »

Harry Potter Crew Overcome on Final Day

Cast burbles on last day in latest Warner Bros. film

(Newser) - Now it can be shown: The last day of filming of the last Harry Potter movie was not so magical. It was rather heartbreaking. Cast mates applauded one another, and burbled, and recalled their amazing time together and expressed grief that it was over. "How do I put into... More »

Emma Watson Had 'Huge Crush' on Draco

Tom Felton, now a friend, 'totally knows' about it

(Newser) - Hermione and Draco sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G? Almost, Emma Watson revealed in a recent Seventeen interview. Tom Felton, who plays the Harry Potter villain Draco Malfoy, "was my first crush," Watson says. "He totally knows. We talked about it—we still laugh about it. We are... More »

Emma Watson: 'I Want to Live Like Patti Smith'

21-year-old actress talks about life after 'Harry Potter'

(Newser) - Emma Watson is preparing for the next chapter of her life. The Harry Potter actress acknowledges that she needs to find her way out of the bubble, which she describes in part as the safe world of life on the set of the successful film franchise, in the July issue... More »

Lonely Emma: Men Fear My Fame

Her advice: Be brave

(Newser) - Poor Emma Watson. She doesn't have a guy and she thinks it's because men are frightened by her fame. "I find it hard to believe I would be intimidating," she says. "It must be the fame wall, the circus that goes around me." Guys... More »

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