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'Peak Oil' Looms: Saudi Supply Overstated

Cable argues that kingdom can't pump enough crude to control prices

(Newser) - The world may be on the verge of an oil crisis, according to WikiLeaks cables released to the Guardian today. According to the cables, Sadad al-Husseini, the former head of Saudi Arabia’s state-run oil monopoly, warned diplomats that Saudi reserves were overstated by almost 40%, and that the country... More »

Supplies Drop as Big Oil's Power Shrivels

State-owned firms don't churn it out like Shell

(Newser) - A rapidly changing world order has left the giant oil companies all monied up with nowhere to drill, the New York Times reports. The Western oil giants' share of production has plummeted from over half in the 1970s to just 13% today. Production is falling as oil supplies remain in... More »

Let's Not Kid Ourselves: Oil's Going Higher

Why prices will keep rising, and what that will mean

(Newser) - Yes, $4 a gallon seems steep, but the worst is surely yet to come, Robert J. Samuelson writes in the Washington Post. Gas is on pace to rise to $7 a gallon by 2012, with oil rising to $225 a barrel, according to one economist. Oil-rich nations are acting as... More »

3 Stories