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UK Home Secretary to Resign Amidst Expense Scandal

(Newser) - UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will resign her post, the Times of London reports, in an effort to hang onto her seat in parliament despite the expense scandal swirling around her. Smith has been badly embarrassed by revelations that she had charged taxpayers for her family home, several digital cameras,... More »

Brits Groan as Convention Goes American-Style

British style depends more on beer, debate than flash

(Newser) - England's political conventions have relied more on booze and debate than American-style showmanship, the Wall Street Journal reports. That has mean no flags, no banners, no stadium-sized crowd, and no rock & roll. Which is why some stalwarts got uppity when the Labor Party added a videoscreen and the prime... More »

UK Lawmaker Resigns to Protest Civil Liberties

Tory aims to tweak Brown's ruling Labour

(Newser) - A British lawmaker resigned from Parliament today to protest what he views as a government assault on civil liberties, especially a recent law that extends to 42 days the length of time that terror suspects can he detained. David Davis of the Conservative Party hoped to call attention to the... More »

3 Stories