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Russia, China Stand in Way of New Syria Action

Russia today announces it won't back foreign military intervention

(Newser) - Turkey and Japan today joined a number of nations who have given Syrian diplomats within their borders the boot, as the head of the UN observers in Syria revealed that 13 bodies had been found with their hands tied in the country's east, reports Reuters . But the developments... More »

To Cure Health Care, See This Doctor

Mayo Clinic boss could be reform's 'Petraeus'

(Newser) - To fix health care, we need a commander like Gen. David Petraeus: “a professional who can break through the political chaff and describe a strategy for reform that can unite the country,” writes David Ignatius in the Washington Post. He nominates Mayo Clinic CEO Dr. Denis Cortese, who’... More »

Silly Security Overkill Is Hurting Public Officials

Are our precautions doing more harm than good?

(Newser) - Sure, our public officials need protection—but things are getting out of hand, writes David Ignatius in the Washington Post. Since 9/11, “we have gotten so cranked up about security in the United States that senior officials travel in cocoons, as if they are under constant threat.” And... More »

'Quiet Radical' Bernanke Reinvents Fed

Low-key chair deserves chance to stay on, clean up: Ignatius

(Newser) - Barack Obama has a huge decision coming up this summer: whether to reappoint Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Fed or turn to obvious challenger Lawrence Summers. If he’s smart, he’ll stick with the soft-spoken incumbent, writes David Ignatius of the Washington Post. “He has been a... More »

How to Transition Out of Iraq

David Ignatius offers a strategy for scaling back in Iraq

(Newser) - It's time for the US to carve out a practical strategy in Iraq, David Ignatius argues in the Washington Post. At a cost of $400 million a day, the war is draining America's economy—precisely what Osama bin Laden hoped for. The solution will not be quick, simple, or easy,... More »

5 Stories