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UCSC Tree-Sitters Hold Their Perches

Protesters refuse to budge, despite truce with UC Berkeley

(Newser) - UC Berkeley’s tree-sitters may have surrendered their perches earlier this week, but demonstrators at UC Santa Cruz are not ready to give up their redwood-saving fight. The activists, nearing the 1-year anniversary of their protest, suspect the university will cut down trees before classes begin in two weeks, but... More »

Berkeley Tree-Sitters Finally Climb Down

Last protesters climb down as university erects scaffold around redwood

(Newser) - The last four tree-sitters climbed down from their perches at UC Berkeley today, ending a 2-year vigil to protest the university's plans to cut down a grove of trees and build a sports facility, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The university will build the facility, but it agreed to set... More »

UC-Berkeley Can Chop Sitters' Trees: Judge

School within environmental, seismic rights in plan for sports facility; time yet for appeal

(Newser) - After a year and a half of wrangling, a California judge gave UC Berkeley the green light yesterday to cut down dozens of trees in order to build an athletic training center next to its football stadium. Three protesters are still living in one tree at the site and are... More »

Ruling Doesn't Chop Tree-Hugging Stalemate

UC Berkeley dismantles treehouses; protesters cheered construction can't proceed

(Newser) - UC Berkeley can't yet proceed with a $140 million athletic center, a judge ruled yesterday, even as the university continued to dismantle structures belonging to protesters trying to save a grove of trees that would be cut down during construction, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Earthquake safety is the major... More »

4 Stories