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After Boy Mishears Imam, a Severed Hand, an Arrest

15-year-old Pakistani boy cuts off own hand after being called 'blasphemer'

(Newser) - It was a simple misunderstanding of a question asked by a holy man, but it cost a 15-year-old Pakistani boy his hand, and landed an imam under arrest. Imam Shabbir Ahmed was giving a sermon at a mosque in Punjab province, reports al Jazeera , when he asked his congregation who... More »

Charity's Free Eye Surgery Leaves 24 Blind

Indian police open investigation after cataract operations

(Newser) - Authorities ordered an investigation today after at least 24 poor and elderly people went blind following cataract surgeries performed at a free medical camp run by a charity in northern India. The operations were performed in early November on 130 patients who were all older than 50 and living in... More »

Scared Dad Seeks Asylum Over Moustache

Pakistani man: Extremists are threatening my life

(Newser) - Now that's a stache: Pakistani businessman Malik Amir Mohammad Khan Afridi sports a 30-inch moustache that he calls his pride and joy—but admits could get him killed, the Independent reports. "People give me a lot of respect," says Afridi, who spends $150 monthly to treat the... More »

Pakistani Governor Killed by Own Guard

Assassination likely to deepen country's turmoil

(Newser) - A key Pakistani governor was gunned down by his own bodyguard today in Islamabad, in the biggest assassination the violence-wracked country has endured since Benazir Bhutto's slaying three years ago. Salman Taseer, Punjab province's governor and a key ally of President Asif Ali Zardari, was gunned down as he got... More »

Pakistan Blasts Kill 42 at Sufi Shrine

Many blame attack on government support for US

(Newser) - Twin suicide blasts killed at least 42 people at a Sufi shrine in Lahore, Pakistan, late yesterday. At least 175 people were injured. Thousands were visiting the shrine, which holds the remains of a saint revered by followers of Islam's mystical tradition, the BBC reports. Many blamed the attack on... More »

India Riots Bust Out After Austria Temple Killing

Punjab erupts in violence after Sikh guru's murder

(Newser) - Riots have broken out in dozens of cities across the Indian state of Punjab after a Sikh guru was killed in a temple in Austria yesterday. Thousands of protesters have damaged public property and set trains on fire, and in one city four people were injured when police fired on... More »

Islamic Schools Fill Pakistani Gaps—and Breed Militants

(Newser) - Pakistan’s education system is so dysfunctional that for many rural children, Islamic schools are the only option, the New York Times reports. The growth of madrasas, which teach little besides Koran memorization, is especially pronounced in places like southern Punjab, home to half of the country's at least 12,... More »

Insurgents Join Forces in Pakistani Heartland

Country's fate tied to stability of Punjab, officials say

(Newser) - The Taliban is joining forces with local militant groups in the key province of Punjab, where more than half of Pakistanis live, the New York Times reports. Officials say the alliance is a major threat to national and regional stability, and was responsible for last month’s cricket-team attack, among... More »

Obama Sorry for Hillary Memo

Ripping Hillary "dumb mistake"

(Newser) - Barack Obama has apologized for a campaign memo that vilified Hillary Clinton for her financial ties to India and her campaign efforts among Indian Americans. Particularly offensive was a reference to Clinton's affiliation as "(D-Punjab)"; aimed to link her to the sore subject of outsourcing. Obama called it a... More »

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