Sin City

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Gehry Gambles Big in Las Vegas

Swirling, crumpled new clinic building is certainly unique

(Newser) - Designing a building that outdoes the already delirious Las Vegas skyline is no easy trick, but Frank Gehry is the man for it. Gehry tells the AP he wanted the nearly complete swirling stainless steel structure he built for the Cleveland Clinic's brain center to stand out from what he... More »

For Vegas Gay-Cation, a Red-Headed 'Call Bear'

Male prostitute says he's exactly what some are looking for

(Newser) - Those who've privately wondered if they'll ever find love can take a lesson from Rusty McMann. “For every type of attraction there’s a market to be tapped,” McMann writes in explaining what it’s like to be a fat, Birkenstock-clad call “bear” in Las Vegas. The... More »

Hollywood 'Discovers' Graphic Novels

Film industry loves gritty comics, but what does it mean for the medium?

(Newser) - Still tallying the proceeds of the Spider-Man and X-Men franchises, Hollywood is turning to darker, underground graphic novels like Wanted for movie adaptations—and comics auteurs have mixed feelings, Time reports. Some argue the mainstream success of ultraviolent adaptations like 300 and Sin City can only mean good things for... More »

3 Stories