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Pregnant and Gained Less Than 25lbs? Bad News

...minimal weight gain tied to increased obesity risk for child

(Newser) - The amount of weight a mom-to-be gains during pregnancy may have a link to the weight of the child she bears, a new study finds. Gaining either too much or too little weight can both result in a greater chance that child will be obese, LiveScience reports. The research followed... More »

Obesity Surgery Leaves Girl, 12, Dramatically Better

Within 24 hours, there was no sign of Alexis Shapiro's diabetes

(Newser) - Texas 12-year-old Alexis Shapiro had long-fought-for the obesity surgery she got on March 21 , and just a week later, the girl's situation has dramatically improved. She's already off the insulin she had to take in connection with her type 2 diabetes and, most significantly, her body is indicating... More »

Girl Recovering After Obesity Surgery Changes

Doctors revised plan when Alexis Shapiro's liver was bigger than expected

(Newser) - Surgeons operating on an obese Texas girl with an unusual malady had to change strategy during the procedure, but they say Alexis Shapiro can still look forward to a "new normal" and a healthier weight, reports NBC News . Surgeons intended to perform a gastric bypass on the 12-year-old, but... More »

New Anti-Obesity Weapon: Tequila Plant?

Agave sugar eyed as potential sweetener

(Newser) - The plant tequila is derived from could play a role in fighting obesity, and it doesn't involve getting people so drunk they forget to eat, researchers say. Natural sugars found in agave appear to protect mice against obesity and type 2 diabetes, Fox News reports. The sugars, known as... More »

Obesity in Kids Plummets

Rate falls 43% among those age 2 to 5

(Newser) - Here's something we don't hear much: good news on the nation's childhood obesity rate. The CDC says it's down among kids ages 2 to 5 by 43% over the last decade, reports Time . That's not just a mild surprise, it's "stunning," declares... More »

Whole Milk Linked to ... Skinny People?

Healthy dairy choices getting more complicated

(Newser) - Drinking fattier milk will make us fatter ourselves, right? Maybe not. New research reported by NPR suggests that whole milk is actually linked to lower weight. A study by Swedish experts found that, over a 12-year period, middle-aged men who used whole milk, cream, and butter had a lower risk... More »

Obesity Sets in by Kindergarten

'Horse is out of the barn' by 5, new study suggests

(Newser) - Kids who are obese by the time they start kindergarten are likely to stay that way through childhood and into adulthood, according to a new study that suggests efforts to combat childhood obesity need to start a lot sooner. Kids who are obese at 5 are four times more likely... More »

2 Ways Diet Soda May Not Be Helping

People tend to eat more, and diet mixers may make you drunker: studies

(Newser) - It's not that researchers think switching from sugary sodas to diet versions is a bad thing, it's just that those who do make the switch should bear in mind a few things:
  • They may eat more: A Johns Hopkins study finds that heavy people who drink diet soda
... More »

Obese Girl 6 Weeks Away From Life-Saving Surgery

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, and a Cincinnati hospital

(Newser) - It seems 2014 could be a very good year for Alexis Shapiro, the Texas 12-year-old whose plight got a wave of national attention over the weekend. Alexis suffers from hypothalamic obesity, a rare condition that causes her to constantly feel hungry; even with a strict diet, her 4-foot-7 frame carries... More »

Starving and Obese, Girl Fights for Needed Surgery

After insurer turns her down, Alexis Shapiro's family turns to the masses

(Newser) - Alexis Shapiro is 12 years old, 4-foot-7, and 198 pounds—a weight that is growing at a rate of at least two pounds a week. It's due to a very rare condition known as hypothalamic obesity, which itself was born from another medical issue. As NBC News reports, the... More »

Feeling Fat? Grizzly Bears May Be Able to Help

Scientist studies grizzlies to see how they eat so much

(Newser) - Ready to get jealous? Grizzly bears can put on 100 pounds or more by wolfing down food before hibernation, without clogging arteries or becoming diabetic. And they can ingest up to 58,000 calories a day and weigh 1,000 pounds without anyone saying anything. Which is exactly why one... More »

Today's Kids Can't Run as Fast as Parents Did

Children getting slower, fatter by the year

(Newser) - Today's children are the most sedentary generation in history and they would be easily trounced in a race with younger versions of their parents, a new study finds. Researchers—who looked at data involving millions of children in 20 countries over more than 40 years—found that today's... More »

New Guidelines Tell Doctors to Harangue Patients About Weight

It's time to get aggressive, say medical groups

(Newser) - Next time you go for a checkup, don't be surprised if your doctor gets on your case about your weight. The medical profession has issued new guidelines for fighting the nation's obesity epidemic, and they urge physicians to be a lot more aggressive about helping patients drop those... More »

Mexico Could Soon Tax Junk Food

5% tax on high-calorie food and drink passes lower house

(Newser) - Proposed soda taxes have been shot down in the US, but in Mexico, that bottle of Jarritos could soon cost more. Legislation that will tax high-calorie food and sugary drinks was approved by Mexico's Chamber of Deputies yesterday. Now it's headed to the Senate, where it's also... More »

Animals Are Having an Obesity Crisis, Too

Does that mean lifestyle isn't the only cause?

(Newser) - Americans aren't the only ones getting fatter—our animals are also growing overweight, reports Pro Publica . And it isn't just pets and lab animals piling on the pounds (though they are; the likelihood of chimps living with or near humans being obese increased tenfold between 1985 and 2005):... More »

US Teens Are Actually Getting Healthier

More veggies, more exercise, less TV—but still not enough

(Newser) - American teenagers may not be the junk food-scarfing, video game-addicted balls of lard the media likes to make them out to be—or at least, they may not be anymore. A new study has found teens in 2010 were eating more vegetables, getting more exercise, drinking less soda, and watching... More »

1 in 10 Kids Has a Liver Like an Alcoholic's

Rise in fatty liver disease alarms experts

(Newser) - Huge numbers of American children have a liver disease that used to be seen mainly among adult alcoholics—and most of them don't know it, researchers warn. Around 10% of children are now believed to have fatty liver disease, which can lead to cirrhosis and liver failure in some... More »

'Too Fat' Chef Can Stay in New Zealand —for Now

Albert Buitenhuis receives 23-month work visa

(Newser) - Good news for larger people with an affinity for the works of JRR Tolkien and Crowded House: Albert Buitenhuis, the South African chef facing deportation from New Zealand due to concerns that he was too overweight , has been given a visa. After a very public battle to stay in the... More »

New Anti-Obesity Weapon: Skinny People's Poo?

Study finds gut bacteria help determine weight

(Newser) - The size of many people's bellies may be determined by some of the billions of bacteria living in their guts, according to new research. Scientists took pairs of human twins—one twin obese, the other thin—and transplanted some of their gut bacteria into young mice that had been... More »

New Culprit in Teen Diabetes? Food Packaging

But findings on BPA and DEHP not conclusive

(Newser) - It might not just be the foods teens are eating that lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes, but the wrappers and cans they come in, two studies published recently in Pediatrics suggest. In one, researchers found that higher levels of DEHP, a phthalate found in processed foods, their packaging,... More »

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