Huzaifa Parhat

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Court Likens Gitmo Case to Absurd Poem

Lewis Carroll cited in mocking decision to void detention

(Newser) - In ruling that a Gitmo detainee has been improperly held for 6 years, a federal appeals court deemed the government's standard of evidence on par with an absurdist poem of the 19th century. The DC Court of Appeals voided the detention of Huzaifa Parhat last week, but yesterday it released... More »

Gitmo Prisoner Must Be Tried or Freed, Court Rules

Administration's 'enemy combatant' designation invalidated

(Newser) - In a rebuke of the Pentagon's Guantanamo policy, a federal appeals court has ruled that a prisoner was improperly designated an "enemy combatant," the New York Times reports. The ruling—issued Friday and announced today but not released in full because parts of it are classified—ordered that... More »

2 Stories