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CERN Wants Even Bigger Large Hadron Collider

50-mile monstrosity would study nature of gravity

(Newser) - The Large Hadron Collider just isn't large enough for CERN. The Geneva-based team that found the Higgs boson has set its sights on bigger and better things—emphasis on the bigger—and is now proposing replacing the current collider, which runs through 17 miles of tunnel, with a new... More »

CERN Found Proof of 'God Particle': Report

...but it hasn't actually 'discovered' the Higgs boson itself

(Newser) - Get ready for some scientific fireworks on July 4: Scientists at CERN intend to announce Wednesday that they have found proof that the so-called "God particle" does indeed exist—even though they haven't actually seen it, sources tell the AP . Experts say the massive amount of data the... More »

Hadron Collider Restarts Briefly

After 14 months of repairs, proton beams circulate

(Newser) - The Large Hadron Collider roared to life today for the first time since September 2008. "The first tests of injecting subatomic particles" took just a fraction of a second, a CERN rep said, but the circulation of the proton beams confirmed that the repairs instituted 9 days after the... More »

Nuclear Scientist Arrested for Alleged al-Qaeda Ties

CERN says researcher didn't work on dangerous projects

(Newser) - French authorities have arrested a researcher working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) on suspicion that he has been in contact with al-Qaeda. Police say they believe the 32-year-old and his brother contacted people linked to the terror group online, and they had been planning an attack in... More »

Physics and Improv Collide

Scientists on particle accelerator project learn communication from comedy

(Newser) - Physicists trying to explain the nature of the universe using the largest particle accelerator ever built are also trying to learn something else: communication skills to help them explain what they’ve learned to the rest of world. And they’re going about it in a unique way, the Wall ... More »

Earth 'Safe' From Mammoth Collider: Report

Giant experiment have already occurred naturally, say scientists

(Newser) - Fears that experiments with a giant particle accelerator could trigger a planetary-wide cataclysm have been dismissed as science fiction by the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The 17-mile-long underground Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland will smash nuclear particles together at super high speeds. Some fear collider experiments could trigger mini... More »

6 Stories