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Congress' Most Endangered Incumbents

Unpopular President Obama could hurt Democrats

(Newser) - The congressional midterm elections are coming, meaning it's time to mine the tea leaves for potential losers. So, who might be facing the music come November? Of the Senate's 10 most vulnerable, nine are Democrats, according to Roll Call . A sampling from its list:
  • Mary Landrieu—An oddball
... More »

House Ready to Drop $350K to Sue Obama

Lawyer David Rivkin is charging $500 an hour

(Newser) - The House of Representatives has lawyered up in its quest to sue President Obama , the National Journal reports, and it's not going to be cheap: David Rivkin was key to devising the House's case strategy in the first place. He'll be paid $500 an hour up to... More »

Cantor Quitting House Early

Departing majority leader makes 'generous gesture'

(Newser) - Eric Cantor is out as House majority leader, and he's going to be out of the House sooner than expected as well. The congressman—who lost his GOP primary to Tea Party rival Dave Brat in a stunning upset —says he is quitting Congress effective Aug. 18 and... More »

House GOP Delays Recess, Scrambles for Border Bill

Tea Party forced vote postponement today ahead of summer break

(Newser) - The House today abandoned a vote on $659 million legislation to address the immigration crisis after another Tea Party revolt. John Boehner pulled the measure from the floor at the last minute, knowing he didn't have enough votes. The speaker, however, then took the unusual step of delaying Congress'... More »

Boehner: I'm Suing Obama Over ObamaCare

He says he's sticking up for Constitution

(Newser) - John Boehner is pressing ahead with his plan to sue President Obama —and he says he has now chosen a line of attack. The House speaker says the suit will focus on the president's decision to delay imposing penalties on firms that don't offer health insurance to... More »

House Quietly Alters Rules on Reporting Free Trips

Freebie holidays don't have to be included on annual financial-disclosure forms

(Newser) - The things that happen behind closed doors: In the case of the House, a quiet move that removed the requirement that lawmakers spell out free trips they've taken on annual financial-disclosure forms. The House Ethics Committee made no public announcement of the change, which the National Journal discovered in... More »

Only One Candidate Left for Cantor's Job

Sessions drops out, race to replace Kevin McCarthy heats up

(Newser) - Unless a surprise challenger emerges at the last minute, the race to replace Eric Cantor as the House's second-ranking Republican is already over. House Rules Committee chief Pete Sessions says he has dropped his bid to become majority leader "after thoughtful consideration and discussion" with colleagues, leaving Majority... More »

House Passes Bill 421-0 to Let Veterans Ditch VA

Unanimous vote a rarity for Congress

(Newser) - Are you sitting down? Good. Because the House just passed a high-profile bill unanimously. The bill allows veterans to seek treatment outside the Veterans Affairs system using government funds, Politico reports. It closely resembles a bipartisan Senate deal struck between Bernie Sanders and John McCain. The final vote tally was... More »

Oldest-Ever Congressman Faces Tea Party Challenge

Ralph Hall, 91, would be last WWII vet in Congress

(Newser) - Ralph Hall, already the oldest person ever to serve in the House of Representatives, is seeking a final term but the 91-year-old faces a tough challenge today from a 48-year-old opponent. John Ratcliffe is backed by conservative groups with strong Tea Party ties in the Republican primary runoff and he... More »

GOP Wins 'Fall Preview' House Race

ObamaCare loomed large in Fla. special election

(Newser) - Republican David Jolly has narrowly defeated Democrat Alex Sink in a Tampa-area House district where President Obama's health care overhaul got its first test ahead of November's midterm elections and both sides spent millions auditioning national strategies. With almost 100% of the vote counted, Jolly had 48.5%... More »

House Passes Bill Allowing Cell Phone Unlocking

But only after controversy over last-minute provision

(Newser) - The House yesterday passed a bill that would make it legal to unlock your phone, despite pushback from Democrats over a last-minute addition to the bill banning "bulk unlocking." You'd be forgiven for not realizing that unlocking a phone—meaning making it work on other carriers—was... More »

58 Years in, Dingell Retiring From 'Obnoxious' Congress

Rep is longest serving lawmaker in history

(Newser) - John Dingell, the longest-serving congressman in American history, today announced that he will retire at the end of his current term. "I'm not going to be carried out feet first," the 87-year-old Michigan rep said at a luncheon with the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press . Dingell... More »

Retiring Lawmaker's Record: 0 for 646

NJ's Rob Andrews didn't get a law passed in 23 years, though not for lack of trying

(Newser) - New Jersey Democrat Rob Andrews made a surprise announcement today that he'll be giving up his House seat as of Feb. 18 to join a Philadelphia law firm, reports . And while it's big news in Jersey, Andrews isn't exactly a household name nationally. Still, the... More »

House Passes Long-Stalled Farm Bill

Senate expected to send it to president for signature

(Newser) - The House has passed an almost $100 billion-a-year, compromise farm bill that would make small cuts to food stamps and continue generous subsidies for the nation's farmers. The vote was 251-166. The five-year bill now goes to the Senate, which is expected to send it to the president's... More »

Report: Cocaine-Using Congressman to Resign

Trey Radel to submit resignation letter this morning, say sources

(Newser) - It looks like Trey Radel's "leave of absence" will become a permanent one. The freshman Republican from Florida, who in November pleaded guilty to cocaine possession, will send a letter of resignation to John Boehner today, multiple sources tell Politico . Radel is currently on probation for the drug... More »

House Easily Passes Bipartisan Budget Bill

It's expected to clear the Senate quickly

(Newser) - Party leaders pushed a massive $1.1 trillion spending bill for this year through the House today, shunning the turmoil of recent budget clashes with a compromise financing everything from airports to war costs. The huge bill furnishes the fine print—1,582 pages of it—for the bipartisan pact... More »

House Passes Budget Bill

2-year deal clears by wide margin; Senate expected to vote next week

(Newser) - The unusual promise of a no-drama, no-shutdown deal on the federal budget just cleared its biggest hurdle: The modest two-year pact negotiated by Paul Ryan of the House and Patty Murray of the Senate cleared the full House of Representatives today by a vote of 332-94, reports the Washington Post... More »

House's Plastic-Gun Ban Has a Dangerous Loophole

It doesn't take into account 3D technology: Eleanor Clift

(Newser) - The good news is that the House yesterday passed in bipartisan fashion a 10-year extension of a law that requires guns to include metal parts, writes Eleanor Clift at the Daily Beast . In theory, then, the measure makes it a lot tougher to smuggle weapons through the metal detectors of,... More »

Congressman in Coke Bust to Take Leave, Donate Salary

Radel's downfall is good news for sheep ranchers

(Newser) - In a move that a certain Canadian mayor could probably learn a little from, Rep. Trey Radel plans to take a leave of absence—and surrender his pay—while he is being treated for addiction problems. The freshman Republican, sentenced to a year of probation after pleading guilty to cocaine... More »

39 House Democrats Join GOP to Pass ObamaCare Fix

Measure seen as attempt to torpedo health law

(Newser) - More bad news for President Obama on ObamaCare today: The House passed legislation widely seen as undermining the health-care law, and 39 Democrats joined Republicans in favor, reports the Washington Post . The bill from Michigan Republican Fed Upton would guarantee that people whose policies got canceled under ObamaCare would be... More »

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