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The M-Word: A Moderate Eyes the GOP Nomination

With GOP candidates fighting over the far right, Jon Huntsman aims at middle

(Newser) - Is there room in today's GOP for a presidential nominee who is moderate on gay rights, immigration, and cap-and-trade climate regulation? Someone who even—gasp—supported the stimulus and worked with the Obama administration as ambassador to China? With Jon Huntsman kicking off his first campaign swing through New... More »

Moderates Feeling Snubbed at Grand Old Party

Choice of Palin underscores how pro-life wing hamstrings party, some say

(Newser) - Where conservatives once felt uneasy with John McCain, his drift rightward now has moderates wondering if there’s a place for them in the Republican Party, the Chicago Tribune reports. “We are discouraged by the platform,” says one pro-choice Republican, noting that while she was glad to have... More »

Lefties Livid Over Obama's Right Moves

'Element of distrust' as Dem tunes policy platform more toward center

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s general-election shift to the center is in full effect on issues from spy powers to taxes, and the liberal left is getting a little steamed, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Democrat's support for cutting corporate taxes, an undivided Israeli Jerusalem and—perhaps most importantly to left... More »

3 Stories