Matt Harding

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'Charmingly Geeky' Dancing Matt Is Back

Harding even makes it to North Korea in latest viral video

(Newser) - Matt Harding has been dancing all over the world three times for his viral videos " Where the Hell Is Matt? " And now Harding is back with a fourth video, as "charmingly geeky" as ever and with more "heartwarming adorableness," notes Kim LiCapria on Inquisitr... More »

He's a Goofy Dancer, Not a Prophet of Peace

The combination of image and music is mystical, but not necessarily meaningful

(Newser) - No doubt you've seen or heard of the YouTube phenomenon in which Matt Harding dances his way across the world and its cultures, set to a New Age song poem. And no doubt you've heard fans refer to Harding as nothing less than a purveyor of world peace. But please,... More »

He Brings World Peace, One Goofy Dance at a Time

Burned-out video-game designer is now a web sensation

(Newser) - Fred Astaire he's not, but Matt Harding sure inspires the masses. The globetrotting former video-game designer, whose goofy dance set the Internet abuzz, is back at it. His latest video shows him dancing—OK, maybe flailing— with fans from Seattle to Fiji to Rwanda, and it's approaching 2 million hits... More »

3 Stories