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Very Merry Animal Shelter Empties Out

Colorado humane society adopts out all its dogs for first time ever

(Newser) - An animal shelter can be a lonely place to spend Christmas, and the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is especially desolate this holiday season—joyfully so. As ABC News reports, the Colorado shelter ran a "Bring Them Home for the Holidays" promotion in which it waived adoption... More »

Family Dog Put Down Over Outdated Microchip

Animal Control couldn't get in contact with family

(Newser) - A Florida family is warning pet owners to keep their animals' microchip information up to date after their failure to do so meant their beloved beagle was put down. Kristi Durham says her husband called three shelters and posted to a Facebook page for lost pets when their dog Lefty... More »

Dozens of Animals Perish in Massachusetts Shelter Fire

All but 5 of rescue's dogs, cats are dead

(Newser) - Heartbreaking: A Massachusetts animal shelter building caught fire late Sunday and was totally engulfed by the time firefighters got there—leading to the deaths of dozens of animals. "We didn't think we'd be able to save any of the animals. That was our first goal—to do... More »

Man Adopts Shelter Dog, Is Killed by It Within Hours

Rottweiler mauls Tennessee man just 5 days after coming off the streets

(Newser) - A Tennessee man whose ex-wife says "related to dogs better than to people" was killed by a stray dog he adopted, the same day he took it home from an animal shelter, the Jackson Sun reports. Anthony Riggs, 57, left the Madison County Rabies Control facility on Thursday with... More »

Cause of Eagles' Illness: Eating Euthanized Animals?

Advocates say birds have been poisoned by remains near shelter

(Newser) - Over the past two years, wildlife rehabilitators in Florida have found 10 struggling bald eagles—some of whom have died—at a landfill near an animal shelter. And they tell the Ocala Post they can explain the phenomenon: The eagles, a rep for the Animis Foundation suggests, have been eating... More »

Missing Pennsylvania Dog to Fly Home—From Oregon

No one knows how the 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier made it so far from home

(Newser) - Five months after 7-year-old Gidget, a Jack Russell terrier, went missing in Huntingdon, Pa., she was recently spotted by a former animal shelter volunteer in the Portland, Ore., suburb of Tualatin—about 2,700 miles from home. Thanks to the microchip embedded in Gidget's skin, the Oregon shelter was... More »

Newtown Rallies to Honor Victim Who Loved Animals

State transferring land for animal shelter in name of 6-year-old

(Newser) - Before she was killed in the Newtown school massacre, 6-year-old Catherine Violet Hubbard raised money from returnable bottles and cans to buy bones for dogs at the pound and designed business cards for an imaginary animal shelter, listing herself as "caretaker." Her pretend animal shelter is now on... More »

With Billionaire's Help, Sochi Strays Escaping Death

Shelter has saved 80 dogs so far

(Newser) - Hundreds of stray dogs have been killed ahead of tomorrow's opening ceremony in Sochi, but some may escape that fate thanks to a shelter funded by Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska. Volnoe Deloe—or Good Will, roughly—has been grabbing up as many stray dogs as it can around Sochi... More »

Mutt Goes From Gas Chamber to Rose Parade

He's 'spokesdog' for drive to end inhumane treatment

(Newser) - Two years after he was put in a steel box and gassed with carbon monoxide, a beagle mix with a knack for survival will be proudly riding a float in Pasadena's Rose Parade. Daniel was six months old when he was placed with 17 other dogs in a gas... More »

Miracle Cat Found Alive in Rubble of Burned Shelter

Many other animals died in the blaze

(Newser) - A Kentucky animal shelter burned to the ground last Friday with 60 animals inside, about half of whom died in the blaze—but nearly a week later, a miracle. Freckles, a 1-year-old cat, was found in the rubble of the Knox Whitley Animal Shelter, WKYT reports. She was found by... More »

The Obamas Should Have Adopted a Pit Bull Instead

Breed has become a symbol of racial segregation, poverty: Emily Nusser

(Newser) - The Obamas just adopted a pretty new Portuguese water dog . But if the first family really wanted to make a statement, they should have adopted a pit bull from the pound instead, writes Susan Nusser at Salon . Pit bulls are "resilient, unpretentious, and a little gritty," she says.... More »

PETA Slammed for Killing 2K Animals a Year

Animal rights activists say its shelter should go no-kill

(Newser) - PETA is usually the one accusing others of animal cruelty. Not anymore. Though the group is well known for loudly objecting to things like goldfish racing and backpacks made from fur , it is now drawing attention for a very different reason: its animal shelter kills around 2,000 dogs and... More »

Internet Saves This 'Gay' Dog

Facebook campaign goes viral, prevents euthanasia

(Newser) - The Internet came together to save a dog after his owner dumped him at a Tennessee shelter ... because he thought the dog was gay. A picture of the bulldog, who was in danger of being euthanized, was posted to Facebook in an attempt to find an adopter. "He hunched... More »

To Curb Panhandling, San Francisco Tries ... Puppies

It will pay panhandlers a stipend to care for shelter's pooches

(Newser) - San Francisco is taking a novel approach in its never-ending fight to limit panhandling in the city: In a word, puppies. As the Chronicle explains, the city will soon start a program in which panhandlers get paid a small stipend, say $50 a week, to forgo their begging and instead... More »

Super-Sized Kitty Dies

Celebrity fat cat 'Meow' dies of obesity complications

(Newser) - A colossal cat handed in to an animal shelter in New Mexico has died just weeks after eating up national attention. Meow, a 2-year-old tabby who topped the scales at 39 pounds, died of pulmonary failure related to his huge size, reports the New York Daily News . He had been... More »

Huge Cat Finds Its Way to Animal Shelter

Now 'Meow,' 39 pounds, needs a home

(Newser) - If you need some companionship—and you have room in your apartment for a cat who is basically the size of a toddler—consider adopting 2-year-old Meow, who was dropped off at a rural shelter in Roswell, NM, recently. That shelter—overwhelmed with Meow's girth—turned him over to... More »

California Pooch Could Be World's Smallest

At birth, Dachshund mix 'Beyonce' could fit in spoon

(Newser) - A puppy so small that she could fit into a spoon when she was a newborn could set the record for the world's tiniest dog. Beyonce, a dachshund mix, is now two weeks old, and still only the size of a business card. She was the fifth of five... More »

Pet Rescue Groups Need to Ease Up on Adoption Rules

Over-the-top standards scare away would-be owners: Emily Yoffe

(Newser) - Animal rescue groups have come a long way over the years and done wondrous things in reducing the number of dogs and cats that get put down, writes Emily Yoffe at Slate . Here comes the "but": These groups need to loosen up their overly strict adoption standards, which often... More »

Cat With 26 Toes Helps Save Shelter

Daniel's odd feet has brought in $50,000 and counting

(Newser) - Daniel, an orange-and-white tabby cat, is doing everything he can to save the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center, and he's doing it by showing off his bizarre feet. He has 26 toes. Donations of $26—one for each digit—are flooding into the nonprofit animal shelter , which was recently hit... More »

Hitler Kitten Can't Find a Home

6-week-old kitten repeatedly overlooked for adoption

(Newser) - Adolf Hitler's legacy of evil is taking its toll on an unlikely victim—a 6 week-old kitten in England. "Kitler," an abandoned black and white cat with markings that make her resemble you know who, is struggling to find a home, reports the Telegraph . The kitten was... More »

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