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Woman Seeking Soldier Finds Siblings Half a World Away

Search by Florence Heene of Belgium ends in Canada

(Newser) - For 71 years, "we didn't even know about her. I'm getting tears now just thinking about it," says Thelma Janes of Canada, days after discovering she has a Belgian sister. Janes' father, Herbert Louis Hellyer, married and had five children in British Columbia before heading off... More »

Drew Barrymore Half-Sister Dead in Likely Suicide

Jessica Barrymore's body found in car in Calif.

(Newser) - Jessica Barrymore, the older half-sister of Drew Barrymore, has been found dead in her car in what appears to be a suicide two days before she would have turned 48, reports ABC San Diego . Neighbor Marta Lopez says Jessica Barrymore's car was blocking her driveway as she tried to... More »

Girl, 14, Sets Alarm, Wakes, Stabs Sister 30 Times

Girl told victim she was ungrateful as she stabbed: police

(Newser) - A shocking story out of a Chicago suburb: Prosecutors say a 14-year-old girl set her alarm for 7:50am Tuesday, woke up, and went downstairs to the kitchen as any normal teenager might do. Except that in this case, police say the girl grabbed a 4-inch long knife, went back... More »

From One Sperm Donor, 150 Siblings

One father, tons of kids: Is it a problem?

(Newser) - When Cynthia Daily, her partner, and their son vacation with other families, "it's wild," she says. The kids "all look alike." That's because Daily turned to a sperm donor seven years ago; using the number assigned to her donor, she later searched an online... More »

Last Season, Big Secret: How Convenient for Oprah

Lisa de Moraes questions Winfrey's timing, motives

(Newser) - It’s her show’s final season, she’s just back from Australia, and suddenly she’s got a big surprise: Oprah has a long-lost half-sister! What a fortunate coincidence for the queen of talk, writes Lisa de Moraes in the Washington Post . This despite the fact that Oprah met... More »

Oprah Reveals Big Secret

Winfrey introduces audience to her long-lost sister

(Newser) - Looks like Kitty Kelley's prediction was right: Oprah Winfrey revealed her big family secret today, and it turned out to be news of a long-lost sister. Her mother gave a baby named Patricia up for adoption in 1963, when Winfrey was nine, she announced on today's show. ( TMZ has... More »

Shocked Parents Learn They're Half-Siblings

Irish couple struggles to cope with bombshell

(Newser) - An Irish couple with a young son is reeling after learning that they're half-siblings. "We really hit it off," the man, who asked to be called James, tells the Irish Mail on Sunday about meeting his partner. "After a week it felt like we’d known each... More »

Cindy McCain's Half-Sister Goes for Obama

'I have a different political standpoint,' estranged sib says

(Newser) - Cindy McCain’s estranged half-sister is not voting Republican, Us Magazine reports. “I’m voting for Obama,” says Kathleen Hensley Portalski, 65, adding she has “a different political standpoint. I’m not a big war believer.” More »

'Only Child' Cindy McCain Has Half-Sister

Miffed first daughter of heiress' dad wants to set record straight

(Newser) - Cindy McCain has publicly referred to herself as an only child—and her half-sister isn’t happy about it, NPR reports.  “I'm angry. It makes me feel like a nonperson, ” said Kathleen Hensley Portalski, whose dad, Arizona multi-millionaire Jim Hensley, is also Cindy's father. Kathleen is 11... More »

LiLo's 'Sis' Seeks Reunion

But doesn't want to see dad Michael Lohan

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan’s supposed half-sister Ashley Kaufmann would really “love” to meet her famous sibs, the 13-year-old tells Entertainment Tonight. As she displays letters Michael Lohan wrote her from prison, Ashley says she doesn’t "want anything to do with him right now,” but adds: "I'd... More »

Lindsay Has Secret Half-Sis, 13, Dad Says

Papa Lohan fathered girl with other woman while separated

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan may have a secret sister, if her dad is dishing the truth. Michael Lohan told OK! today that he fathered a child with another gal while separated from ex-wife Dina 13 years ago. She’s “beginning to look a lot like Linds,” Papa Lohan wrote to... More »

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