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US Cholesterol Levels On the Decline

They're down 10 points in last two decades

(Newser) - Americans don't often get good news collectively when it comes to health, so enjoy: The nation's cholesterol levels show genuine long-range improvement. Federal researchers say that over the last two decades:
  • Total cholesterol levels dropped 10 points (206 to 196 mg/dL)
  • Bad cholesterol levels (LDL) dropped from 129
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Raising 'Good Cholesterol' Might Not Help

It doesn't seem to cut heart risks in major new study

(Newser) - If you've been diligently working to raise your levels of "good cholesterol" to maintain a healthy heart, a study in the Lancet has some sobering news: You might be wasting your time. It's true that high levels of the cholesterol, called HDL, are associated with a lower... More »

Boosting 'Good' Cholesterol Doesn't Help, May Hurt

Test of drug niacin halted when results became clear

(Newser) - Raising your “good” HDL cholesterol might not be such a good idea. A federally funded study into the effectiveness of the HDL booster niacin has been abruptly cut off, after it became clear that the drug did nothing to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke—and in... More »

Low 'Good' Cholesterol Hurts Memory

Study links low HDL to brain's decline—and possibly dementia

(Newser) - Low levels of high-density lipoprotein—so-called "good" cholesterol—lead to memory failure and perhaps dementia, a study finds. Researchers followed subjects aged 55-61, and found that patients with low HDL levels were 53% more likely to experience memory loss. "We looked at cognitive decline in midlife, but it... More »

4 Stories