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Ripping Media on One Hand, Mac Says It's 'Fun to Watch'

Even as campaign blasts press fawning over Obama, candidate demurs with Couric

(Newser) - Yesterday, as his campaign released an ad mocking the press corps’ affection for Barack Obama—and handed out press credentials rubbing it in—John McCain said the opposite to CBS’ Katie Couric. Mac “doesn’t think” the media has been unfair: “I'm certainly not complaining. And, in fact,... More »

McCain's Energy Record Reveals Muddled Mess

Some see pragmatism, others inconsistency in GOP candidate's votes

(Newser) - John McCain can’t seem to settle on a comprehensible energy policy, Noam Levey writes in the Los Angeles Times, noting that the Republican has been on both sides of issues from oil drilling to ethanol. He favors fuel-efficiency standards while rejecting renewable-sources guidelines and rejects tax breaks on renewables... More »

2 Stories