Bureau of Land Management

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Hunters, Eco-Activists Unite Against Federal 'Land Grab'

Controversial bill withdrawn, for now

(Newser) - Conservationists of all kinds are protesting a Republican lawmaker's proposal for the "disposal" of an area of federal land the size of Connecticut—and their outcry seems to have worked, for now. The House bill introduced by Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz called for the immediate sale of 3.... More »

Feds: We Have No Plans to Kill Wild Horses

Recommendation created an online uproar

(Newser) - Don't fear the plight of wild horses just yet. An online uproar ensued this week after a federal advisory panel recommended killing 45,000 such horses and burros, but Reuters reports that no such plans are in the works. It quotes a spokesman for the US Bureau of Land... More »

Feds Want to Destroy 45K Wild Horses

Holding pens are overcrowded; critics say Bureau of Land Management is mismanaging

(Newser) - There are 45,000 horses no one wants, and the US government is suggesting destroying them all, the Verge reports. In what an exec for the Humane Society calls "a complete abdication of responsibility for their care," the Bureau of Land Management's National Wild Horse and Burro... More »

A Cyclist Stops to Poop, Ends Up Starting Wildfire

Bureau of Land Management has advice for those heeding nature's call

(Newser) - Pooping in the wilderness is something Smokey Bear probably wouldn't have that big a problem with—but burning your toilet paper afterward is a different story. The Bureau of Land Management says a mountain biker in Idaho started a 73-acre blaze in the Boise foothills on Wednesday afternoon after... More »

Idaho Offers Prizes to Coyote-Killing Kids

Predator-killing contest began at sunrise today

(Newser) - A controversial contest to kill as many wolves and coyotes as possible began at sunrise today—with $1,000 prizes for the overall winners and rifles for winners in the 10-13 and 14-17 age categories. The hunting derby is going ahead on Forest Service and private land over the next... More »

ATV Riders, Bundy Son Protest Feds in Utah

Cliven Bundy son is among out-of-state supporters at illegal rally

(Newser) - The showdown between citizens and feds over federally administered lands spread yesterday to Utah, where about 50 people took to their ATVs in a protest that sought to reclaim access to a canyon that had been closed to vehicles since 2007. "It’s a county road," says the... More »

Nev. Lawmaker: Get Bundy Militia Out

He wants state to 'get rid of armed separatists'

(Newser) - Most of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy's conservative allies backed away after his "Negro" remarks —but there are still plenty of heavily armed militia members camped around his ranch and neighbors are becoming uneasy, a Democratic congressman says. At a public event over the weekend, Rep. Steven Horsford... More »

Rancher Bundy Explains the 'Negro'

Rand Paul and other supporters quickly start distancing themselves

(Newser) - Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy became a hero in some libertarian and conservative circles for his standoff with federal authorities over grazing rights earlier this month. But then he kept talking. The New York Times today quotes him thusly:
  • “I want to tell you one more thing I know about
... More »

In Shootout With Feds, We'd 'Put Women at Front': Ex-Sheriff

Richard Mack explains strategy in Nevada cattle showdown

(Newser) - Fortunately, a face-off between a rancher's supporters—some armed—and federal officials concluded peacefully in Nevada on Saturday. Had it not, a former Arizona sheriff had a plan: "We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front" near the feds, Richard Mack told Fox... More »

Feds Halt Roundup of Rancher's Cattle, Fearing for Safety

Officials, protesters faced off earlier this week

(Newser) - After a confrontation between locals and federal officials this week, the US has ended a Nevada cattle roundup early, CNN reports. "We have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public," said Neil... More »

US Won't Restrict Shooting on Federal Land

Interior Department backtracks on earlier proposal

(Newser) - Score one for gun owners: The Interior Department is backtracking on a plan to restrict target shooting on federal land, reports MSNBC . Interior chief Ken Salazar today ordered that the draft proposal be shelved. It would have curbed the practice in areas deemed to have too many people living nearby.... More »

Feds OK Giant Christo River Art

Artist aims to install fabric panels over 42-mile stretch of Colo. river

(Newser) - After 18 years and $7 million, the artist Christo has won federal approval for his controversial plan to wrap a 42-mile stretch of Colorado's Arkansas River. The New York-based artist, known for his larger-than-life outdoor projects, aims to install 5.9 miles of fabric in segments over the river,... More »

Biggest-Ever Solar Plant Wins OK in Calif.

Desert installation will double America's solar power capacity

(Newser) - Federal regulators have green-lighted the world's largest solar power installation. The Blythe Solar Power Plant, to be built on 7,000 acres of public land in California, will double the amount of solar energy the US can produce, the Los Angeles Times reports. The German company behind the project aims... More »

Christo Battles Coloradans Over River 'Curtain'

Environmentalists blast outdoor artist as 'eco-terrorist'

(Newser) - What may be "open air artist" Christo's last major masterpiece is the focus of a tense battle with angry Colorado environmentalists. Christo, 75, plans to drape some 42 miles of the Arkansas River beneath a silvery curtain. Foes says the self-indulgent ego exercise by the "eco-terrorist" artist will... More »

Deadly Crash Could Spell End of Off-Road Racing

Feds weighing options after Mojave Desert crash kills 8

(Newser) - Off-road racing fans and promoters fear that the accident that killed eight people in the California desert Saturday night may end up killing their sport as well. The spectators were crushed when a driver lost control of his truck and skidded into a crowd just a few feet away, a... More »

Feds to Sterilize Wild Mustangs

Thousands of wild horses to be shifted east to reduce strain on federal land

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of wild horses are to be sterilized and shifted from range land in the West to preserves in the Midwest and East under plans announced yesterday. The move will help manage the unsustainable numbers of horses and burros roaming free in Western states without having to resort... More »

Army Seeks New Home for Desert Tortoises

(Newser) - The Army plans to evict more than 1,000 endangered desert tortoises to expand a tank training ground in the Mojave Desert, the Los Angeles Times reports. Conservationists warn that the last effort to shift the tortoises proved disastrous: Many were wiped out by predators, and others traveled up... More »

Bush Policies Will Blow Through Nat'l Parks for Years

Putting commerce over conservation, White House stifled scientists' protests

(Newser) - Views of spacious skies and purple mountain majesties in US national parks may soon be interrupted by industrial roads and power lines, after years of Bush policies that pushed commerce over conservation, reports the Los Angeles Times. And unlike the many decisions that President Obama can quickly reverse, the changes... More »

Wild Horses Drag Pickens' Cash Away

T. Boone's wife adopts 30,000 mustangs, blocking euthanasia

(Newser) - Some 2,000 wild horses of the American West were in danger of euthanasia—until billionaire T. Boone Pickens’ wife, Madeleine, stepped in and offered to adopt them and 28,000 of their closest friends, the Washington Post reports. The Bureau of Land Management holds the animals in pens, rounding... More »

Battle Rages Over Culling Mustang Herd

Proposed euthanasia of growing wild horse population sparks debate

(Newser) - In the debate over how to deal with America's wild mustang herds, both sides claim to have the animals' best interests at heart. Federal agency officials tasked with protecting the horses say the most humane—and economical—course is to euthanize some so the rest don't starve. But activists see... More »

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