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Feds to Sterilize Wild Mustangs

Thousands of wild horses to be shifted east to reduce strain on federal land

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of wild horses are to be sterilized and shifted from range land in the West to preserves in the Midwest and East under plans announced yesterday. The move will help manage the unsustainable numbers of horses and burros roaming free in Western states without having to resort... More »

Battle Rages Over Culling Mustang Herd

Proposed euthanasia of growing wild horse population sparks debate

(Newser) - In the debate over how to deal with America's wild mustang herds, both sides claim to have the animals' best interests at heart. Federal agency officials tasked with protecting the horses say the most humane—and economical—course is to euthanize some so the rest don't starve. But activists see... More »

Gov't Is Mucking Up Mustang's Fate

Cash-strapped BLM wants to cull herd, 'a protected symbol of freedom'

(Newser) - The cash-strapped Bureau of Land Management is considering culling the wild horse population in the West, and at least one equine advocate is not pleased, Newsweek reports. In an interview, expert and author Deanne Stillman calls the plan to reduce the population of 30,000 wild and 33,000 corralled... More »

3 Stories