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US Reaps Profit as Banks Pay Back TARP Funds

Fed pulls in $14B from loan programs

(Newser) - When the government spent some $240 billion last year to help avert financial disaster, the idea of making a profit from the TARP funds invested in teetering banks looked like a long shot. Now, however, profits from eight banks who’ve paid back the cash have totaled some $4 billion,... More »

Outrage Over Bank's Golf Tourney Is Misplaced

(Newser) - “Golf, with its traditional fat-cat image, is an easy target for abuse, some of it deserved,” John Paul Newport writes in the Wall Street Journal. But the recent hubbub over Northern Trust’s sponsorship of a PGA tourney—that bank received $1.6 billion in TARP funds—threatens... More »

Bailed-Out Bank Drops Millions on LA Golf Bash

$1.6B recipient sponsors open, hosts parties, concerts

(Newser) - A bank that got $1.6 billion in federal bailout cash lived it up last week in Los Angeles with luxe parties and concerts as it sponsored a PGA golf tournament, TMZ reports. Northern Trust flew hundreds of workers and clients to LA to stay in swanky hotels, eat classy... More »

Obama Got 'Good Deal' on Mortgage

Better-than-average rate on $1.32M loan raises eyebrows; bank says it's not unusual

(Newser) - Barack Obama is taking heat for accepting a better-than-average interest rate that saves him $300 a month on his $1.32 million mortgage, the Washington Post reports. The 30-year, fixed 5.625% rate on the Democrat's Chicago home was under the 6% being offered other buyers in June 2005 by... More »

4 Stories