Sequoia National Forest

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Monster Sequoia Falls: Now What?

California's Sequoia National Forest ponders next move

(Newser) - It is the mother of all roadblocks, or in this case a path-block. California's Sequoia National Forest is trying to figure what to do after a 1,500-year-old giant tree (actually a pair of trees fused at the base) crashed down on a forest trailway, reports the Los Angeles ... More »

Mexican Cartels Growing Pot in US National Park

Plants worth hundreds of millions thriving amid Sequoias

(Newser) - Mexican drug cartels are growing hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of marijuana in the thick of California’s Sequoia National Forest, CNN reports. Hours on foot from the nearest road, pot gardens flourish with as many as 10,000 plants, irrigation systems created by daming mountain creeks, and their... More »

Big Sur Evacuated as Fires Rage

680 square miles scorched by wildfires

(Newser) - California residents have been ordered to evacuate the coastal resort Big Sur as wildfires rage in the hills above the town, USA Today reports. Ash rained on people as they packed cars before fleeing to safety. The Big Sur blaze is one of more than 1,100 wildfires in the... More »

3 Stories