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'Traumatizing' Rabbit Classic Getting a Remake

Ben Kingsley, John Boyega to star in 'Watership Down'

(Newser) - Ben Kingsley has played Gandhi, Sweeney Todd, and now … a rabbit? The esteemed English actor will team up with John Boyega (Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens) to star in an animated remake of what Indiewire calls "everyone's favorite traumatizing book for children": Richard Adams' 1972... More »

7 Oscar Winners Who've Starred in Horror Flicks

Even Tom Hanks has done his time in a scary movie

(Newser) - Just because you've won one of Hollywood's most coveted awards doesn't mean you're too good to star in a cheesy horror movie. Vanity Fair rounds up 15 Oscar winners who've done just that. Click through the gallery for a sampling or check out the full... More »

11 Great Actors in Awful Films

Sometimes bad movies happen to good people

(Newser) - There are some movies that actors probably wish they could scrub from their IMDb profiles. Ben Widdicombe notes 11 of the most embarrassing skeletons in otherwise talented stars’ closets, on PopEater :
  • Brendan Fraser: Yes, he has done serious work, “like Gods and Monsters, where he got to display some
... More »

Mendes Film Crew Flees Mexican Violence

Death threats kill picture starring Eva Mendes, Josh Hartnett

(Newser) - A Hollywood film crew prepping to shoot in Mexico has high-tailed it back to the US after receiving death threats, the Independent reports. The film, an adaptation of a novel about a cocaine smuggler, was set to star Eva Mendes, Josh Hartnett, and Ben Kingsley on Mexico's northern coast, a... More »

Tween Star Shines in The Wackness

Nickelodeon favorite delivers strong performance in dark comedy

(Newser) - Ex-Nickelodeon star Josh Peck shines in The Wackness, a dark comedy set in 1994 Manhattan. Jonathan Levine's coming-of-age film is “both darkly funny and life-affirming, in an offbeat and offhanded way,” writes Claudia Puig of USA Today. Peck as Luke, who’s selling pot out of an Italian... More »

5 Stories