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Kerry: Putin Will Suffer for 'Stunning' Move Against Ukraine

Outlines possible consequences, looks to pull out of G-8 meeting in Sochi

(Newser) - Even as Russian troops were moving in Ukraine today, John Kerry was busily blasting Vladimir Putin's "stunning, willful" invasion in Crimea as "an incredible act of aggression." Speaking this morning on Meet the Press, the secretary of state says that he's spoken to his G-8... More »

Developing Nations Get a Say in Economic Summit

Signals expanding of world power

(Newser) - When George Bush convenes his economic summit today, he’ll see some less familiar faces around the table. In what could signal a historic shift in global power, Bush hasn’t just invited the wealthy nations of the G-8 to this summit, but a wider Group of 20, including developing... More »

McCain's Foreign Policy Could Ignite Cold War II

Republican's 'cowboy antagonism' would sow discord with Russia, China, others

(Newser) - John McCain’s foreign policy—“combustible” and “idealist”—could provoke a second Cold War, pitting the world’s democracies against its autocracies, John Judis writes in the New Republic—at best creating “gratuitous tensions” and at worst wholly “reproducing” the USSR-US “confrontation.” Mac’... More »

Obama Advisers Rip Mac Plan to Expel Russia From G-8

Proposal 'unrealistic as it would be counterproductive,' Albright, Perry say

(Newser) - John McCain is off-base in his suggestion Russia should be booted from the Group of 8, two former Clinton cabinet officials—and current Obama advisers—write in the Los Angeles Times. Sure, Moscow has departed from democracy, Madeline Albright and William Perry allow, but the US stands a better chance... More »

4 Stories