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8 Dumbest Things in Sports

... and Tiger Woods sex coverage makes the cut

(Newser) - America has a complicated relationship with sports—a constant source for entertainment, but also a whole lot of stuff to make you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" Bleacher Report compiles eight such head-scratchers from fans. A sampling:
  • Baseball's designated hitter: "A pitcher who doesn't have
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Why the AL Rules Baseball

DH rule, new stadiums, better drafting all contribute to AL dominance

(Newser) - The American League is just flat out better than the National League, writes Darren Everson in the Wall Street Journal. The AL has had a lock on All-Star games for a decade, has won 11 of the last 16 World Series, and it dominates interleague play. Why the disparity? Everson... More »

2 Stories