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Meet the Cult-Leading Nudist Who Worshipped Coconuts

He ate nothing but coconuts for 17 years

(Newser) - NPR has a fascinating look at a little-known 20th century eccentric named August Engelhardt, "a sun-worshipping German nudist" who ate nothing but coconuts and died "a freak show for tourists" in the South Pacific. Born in 1875, Engelhardt latched onto a movement that believed the raw and... More »

Death of Eccentric Brother Sparks $1M Scavenger Hunt

Louis Passerini died alone in New York City 21 years ago

(Newser) - A New York City eccentric left behind nearly $1 million scattered around the country when he died—triggering a scavenger hunt and in-fighting among his surviving family members, DNA Info reports. "He was very private," says Joseph Passerini of his brother, Louis, who lived alone and died 21... More »

Benihana Founder Dead at 69

'Rocky' Aoki led a colorful life

(Newser) - Hiraoki “Rocky” Aoki, a former wrestler, daredevil speedboat racer and balloonist who also happened to have founded the Benihana restaurant chain, is dead at 69, the Los Angeles Times reports. The colorful Aoki opened the first Benihana in New York in 1964 with proceeds from an ice cream truck... More »

3 Stories