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Germany OK's Eurozone Rescue Deal

Lawmakers say yes to $1 trillion bailout

(Newser) - The German parliament has approved the country's share of the huge euro-zone rescue package. Europe's biggest economy will contribute between $154 billion and $185 billion in loan guarantees. Without Germany on board, the nearly $1 trillion plan could have failed and kept the euro on its relative freefall. The move... More »

Bailout Is Bad News for Savers

Banks get trillions, fixed-income investors get screwed: Sloan

(Newser) - Not fed up enough with just putting your taxpayer dollars directly on the line to bail out the nation’s banks? Allan Sloan has latched on to some insidious “collateral damage” from the government’s rescue plan, those trillions spent “to keep interest rates down to support the... More »

TARP Watchdog: Bailouts May Cost US $24T

Number based on 'hypothetical maximum,' Treasury counters

(Newser) - The special inspector overseeing Treasury’s TARP program says federal assistance to banks and other financial entities could end up costing taxpayers $23.7 trillion, Bloomberg reports. Aside from the $700 billion bailout, Neil Barofsky says in testimony prepared for told Congress tomorrow, other trillion-dollar federal programs could balloon. “... More »

Geithner Overhauls Bailout to Aid Homeowners, Small Biz

Obama team wants to cover homeowners, small business

(Newser) - The incoming Treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, is conducting a top-to-bottom overhaul of the $700 billion financial rescue program passed by a skeptical Congress last fall. Geithner and other Obama advisers will expand the program to cover small businesses, municipalities, and even homeowners before asking Congress for the second tranche of... More »

Ireland Buys 75% of Troubled Lender in Banks Bailout

Anglo Irish goes into taxpayers' hands after scandal

(Newser) - Ireland became the latest nation to partially nationalize struggling banks last night, buying 75% of the deeply troubled Anglo Irish Bank and bailing out others, reports the Financial Times. The bank, whose shares had already dropped 95% from bad mortgage debts, suffered a further blow last week when its CEO ... More »

US May Take Big Stake in Big 3

Draft bill creates 'auto czar' for firms' reorganization

(Newser) - As a $15 billion auto industry rescue takes shape, the terms of the plan would give government a major stake in the Big Three and allow it to guide a bankruptcy-like restructuring process, the Wall Street Journal reports. Under the terms of draft legislation, the US could take shares worth... More »

Bailout Harks Back to FDR, With More Risk

'Unimaginable' spending will mean WWII-sized deficit

(Newser) - Washington's latest $1 trillion injection into the economy echoes Depression-era and WWII revival plans, but with a dangerous twist, writes Jim Puzzanghera in the Los Angeles Times. Even if the bailouts succeed, the government's mountain of debt will likely bury the next generation in high interest rates and inflation. And... More »

Feds OK Massive $20B Citigroup Bailout

Taxpayers will also back $300 billion in shaky debt

(Newser) - The US will bail out Citigroup with $20 billion in fresh capital and a guarantee to mop up $306 billion in toxic assets, the Wall Street Journal reports. The deal, announced late last night, marks a turning point in the financial crisis: In addition to injecting nearly $300 billion into... More »

Obama Plan Includes Freeze on Foreclosures

Plan would ease borrowing from retirement accounts

(Newser) - Barack Obama detailed an economic rescue plan today that includes incentives for job creation and a federal credit line for state and local governments, the Toledo Blade reports. Playing to voters in hard-hit Ohio as he preps for Wednesday's debate, Obama said, "I won’t pretend that this will... More »

US Must Save Global Economy —This Weekend

US must join UK's plan or face disaster: Krugman

(Newser) - Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers the financial crisis has gone from severe to terrifying, but the response of the United States and Europe has been "woefully inadequate," writes New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. We are now at a tipping point, and if world policymakers don't... More »

Socialists: Rescue Plan's Not Our Bag

Far left thinks $700B bailout is just capitalism remixed

(Newser) - Some on the right are decrying the $700 billion rescue plan as a step toward American socialism, but the real socialists beg to differ, the Wall Street Journal reports. “Bailing out the biggest financial corporations in the country is a far cry from what we have in mind when... More »

House OKs $25B Detroit Rescue

Package of low-interest loans aims to prop up staggering auto industry

(Newser) - The House has approved a $25 billion lifeline to Detroit's battered auto industry, the Detroit Free Press reports. The package of low-interest loans to help automakers switch to manufacturing more fuel-efficient vehicles is expected to be approved by the Senate today and signed by the president soon after. Michigan lawmakers... More »

Tab for Fannie, Freddie Bailout Pegged at $25B

But chance better than 50% feds won't need to step in: budget office

(Newser) - A federal bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will cost $25 billion, the Congressional Budget Office said today, but there’s a better than 50% chance no rescue will be needed. The plan sought by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson would extend an unlimited line of credit to the government-sponsored... More »

Washington Seeks Rescue of Freddie and Fannie

White House asks Congress to approve package

(Newser) - After a frenzied week that saw Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac teeter near collapse, the US Treasury and Federal Reserve are seeking to save the nation's two largest mortgage finance companies. Officials say that the plan, if approved by Congress, will let the government buy billions of dollars in Freddie... More »

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