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Microsoft Wants Ransomware Attack to Be 'Wake-Up Call'

Company calls for digital Geneva Convention

(Newser) - The massive ransomware attack still reverberating around the world is the kind of thing that is going to keep happening unless rules like those governing conventional warfare are brought in for cyberspace, Microsoft says. Microsoft president Brad Smith warned in a blog post Sunday that the "stockpiling of vulnerabilities... More »

Microsoft Pens 'Unusually Dramatic' Letter on PRISM

Brad Smith tells Eric Holder 'the Constitution is suffering'

(Newser) - Add Microsoft's general counsel to the list of people not happy about PRISM and other government surveillance programs. Brad Smith wrote a letter to Eric Holder yesterday—a letter Business Insider calls "unusually dramatic" in its tone—asking the attorney general to convince President Obama that he should... More »

Sparks Fly as Yahoo, Microsoft Take to Hill

Yang admitted deal with Google would hurt competition: Microsoft

(Newser) - Congressional hearings on Yahoo's proposed ad deal with Google got a little heated yesterday, with a Microsoft lawyer testifying that Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang recently admitted, in a private meeting, that the pact would reduce competition, the Los Angeles Times reports. Yahoo’s general counsel said he recalled no such... More »

3 Stories