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Romney 2016: How the 3rd Time Could Be Charming

Candidate would aim to show another side of his personality

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has told supporters it's a matter of "weeks, not months" before he decides for sure whether to run for president again —and he "almost certainly will." One thing that's already clear is that a Mitt Romney 2016 campaign would be notably different... More »

Bergdahl Backlash Is Work of GOP

Strategists organize interviews with soldiers, says columnist

(Newser) - The world has been hearing lately from soldiers criticizing freed soldier Bowe Bergdahl . While they have a right to their opinions, much of the publicity they're currently getting is thanks to a "GOP-run dog-and-pony show" reminiscent of the Swift Boat campaign against John Kerry, writes Adam Weinstein at... More »

What the Pope Should Tell the President

And vice versa: Doyle McManus

(Newser) - When President Obama heads to the Vatican tomorrow, he and the pope should have a lot to talk about. America's first black president is meeting the Catholic Church's first Latin American pope; both took their jobs amid crises; both have political minds and initially boasted widespread support, notes... More »

Democrats Think Minimum Wage Is Their 2014 Issue

In a year where Congress figures to do very little

(Newser) - Democrats think they've found the issue that will carry them to victory in 2014: the minimum wage. Polls show broad support among both Republican and Democratic voters for hiking the $7.25 federal rate, the New York Times reports, but congressional Republicans have come out against it. "It... More »

How Christie's Tough Talk Could Backfire in 2016

Governor can't just coast after latest win: Matt Lewis

(Newser) - Sure, Chris Christie's pugnacity has served him well on the statewide stage—but will it continue to work on the national one? He'd better not assume anything: Winning "fosters hubris and often reinforces the wrong lessons," writes Matt Lewis in the Week . "So far, Christie'... More »

Ted Cruz Making Enemies on Both Sides of the Aisle

Frank Bruni thinks it will backfire; Dana Milbank blames GOP's own system

(Newser) - Ted Cruz is taking the "fast track" to Senate stardom, and that means capitalizing on conflict, writes Frank Bruni in the New York Times . He hasn't been around long, but he's already made "groundless and shameless" accusations against Chuck Hagel, offered Dianne Feinstein some constitutional pedantry,... More »

Ailing GOP Needs a Religious Reformer

Modernizing party can't forget its base: Michael Gerson

(Newser) - The Republican Party might win the odd national vote in the coming years, but it needs a long-term prescription: Eventually, "there won’t be enough white and gray voters to win national elections," writes Michael Gerson in the Washington Post . But as the party seeks to reform, it... More »

Young GOPers: Party Is 'Racist,' 'Old-Fashioned'

Youths call Republicans 'closed-minded,' 'racist'

(Newser) - Earlier this year, an RNC report cited major concerns with public perception of the party. Now, a 95-page report by college Republicans based on youth surveys offers a similarly bleak portrait, citing a "dismal present situation." Those surveyed called the GOP "closed-minded, racist, rigid," and "... More »

Obama Budget Leaves GOP With 'No Excuses'

Ezra Klein: White House aims to expose Republican 'intransigence'

(Newser) - President Obama's budget proposal is the latest move in his administration's "systematic" effort to expose flimsy GOP excuses for government inaction, writes Ezra Klein in the Washington Post . Republicans had complained that Obama didn't extend a hand to them; now, he's constantly meeting with them.... More »

GOP Needs to Get Real About Caring for Poor

Arthur Brooks: Time for conservatives to focus on the needy

(Newser) - The Republican Party has a serious image problem: Too many Americans think the GOP cares "only about the rich and powerful," writes Arthur Brooks at the Wall Street Journal . Indeed, Mitt Romney's 2012 loss can be linked to a single figure: The fact that as of April,... More »

On Policy, Romney Has a Pants Problem

Kimberley Strassel says Romney needs to explain himself, not just attack Obama

(Newser) - In Once Upon a Time in the West, Henry Fonda shoots someone for wearing a belt and suspenders, musing that you can't trust a man who "can't even trust his own pants." Americans largely agree, and that's why Mitt Romney is losing; when it comes... More »

80% of Campaign Money Wasted: Strategists

'The problem is, we don't know which 80%'

(Newser) - Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are raising unprecedented amounts of money for their presidential campaigns, and most of it won't matter at all, a pair of strategists tell NPR . "You don't need that much money. It's ridiculous," says Republican strategist Mark McKinnon. "I was... More »

NAACP Boos Actually Helped Mitt Romney

John Dickerson says NAACP did Romney a favor by generating a headline

(Newser) - The NAACP actually did Mitt Romney a favor by showering him with boos yesterday. Sure, Romney's campaign pointed out that the audience applauded as well, "but it's in their candidate's interest to get booed," argues John Dickerson at Slate . For one thing, "quiet golf... More »

GOP Govs to Romney: Hey, Economy's Not That Bad

Reelection interests clash with Romney's strategy

(Newser) - When Mitt Romney visited Iowa last month, he released an ad highlighting struggling, unemployed Iowans—which sort of irked Terry Branstad, the state's Republican governor. "My state is seeing significant growth," Branstad tells the Wall Street Journal , saying he didn’t know why Romney tried to stress... More »

2012 Election Hinges on 4 States

Maybe five if Florida stays in play

(Newser) - Odds are, the state you live in doesn't matter in the 2012 election, strategically speaking. Democratic and Republican strategists tend to agree that the entire race will come down to just four or five swing states, the LA Times reports: Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, and maybe Florida. Polls show... More »

We're Still Marching to Oblivion

Debt deal is just meaningless political theater, says Matt Miller

(Newser) - Oh, about that historic deal on the debt ceiling , the ceiling that nearly caused the US government to default on its debt and worldwide economic chaos? Well, the deal is meaningless political posturing that changes nothing, writes Matt Miller in the Washington Post . With the US government set to spend... More »

The Republican Strategy: Be the Party of 'Hell No'

Inside the GOP's 2-year plan to harass and unseat Democrats

(Newser) - In January 2009, when Democrats were high on hope and change, House Republicans held a strategy meeting. “If the goal of the majority is to govern, what is the purpose of the minority?” John Boehner and Eric Cantor asked. “The purpose of the minority, is to become the... More »

Candidates Literally Hiding From Media

...in order to reduce the chance of making a killer gaffe

(Newser) - Something’s missing from some of 2010’s biggest races: candidates. This year a ton of candidates, most of them Republicans, have chosen to almost completely avoid the public and media, Politico observes. They’re not holding events, or not publicizing it when they do, and refusing to debate or... More »

Dems Get Nasty; Karl Rove's Baaaack

Twin NYT reports on both sides' strategy for the midterms

(Newser) - As Republicans eye the keys to both houses, Democrats are taking the gloves off: Candidates around the country are opening an earlier-than-ever round of attack ads assailing opponents as anything from a "dishonest used-car salesman" to a "predatory real estate speculator." Starting with five weeks to go... More »

Clinton to Obama: Fight Back!

Forty-two thinks 44 is letting the Republicans knock him around

(Newser) - Bill Clinton thinks Barack Obama and the Democrats need to more forcefully refute Republican attacks if they want to avoid a midterm meltdown. “He’s being criticized for being too disengaged, for not caring,” Clinton told Politico yesterday. “So he needs to turn into it.” Referring... More »

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