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Sausage Party Is Hilariously Filthy

'One of the funniest and most deeply offensive movies of the year'

(Newser) - Just because a film is animated doesn't mean you should take your kids to see it. Case in point: Sausage Party—which delivers more F-bombs in its first minute than one would've thought possible. How do critics feel about talking food items with, um, powerful sexual urges? Here'... More »

Next on Tina Fey's To-Do List: Making Mean Girls a Musical

OK, we're a little embarrassed by our plans to laze by the pool all summer

(Newser) - Sure, Tina Fey had a stint on SNL , a seven-year run on 30 Rock, co-hosted the Golden Globes, and has new Netflix hit Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt , but now the 45-year-old comedian and writer is putting together a musical based on the 2004 movie Mean Girls, which she wrote, the Guardian ... More »

5 of the Most Important Jokes in Comedy

Vulture rounds up 100; here's a small sample

(Newser) - If you've got some spare time on your hands, the editors at Vulture have selected the "100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy." They define "joke" to include acts of physical comedy along with those of the traditional punchline variety, and they cull from stand-up routines, movies,... More »

Amy Schumer Joke-Stealing Controversy Gets Weird

One of the comedians backtracks, sort of

(Newser) - Earlier this week, a Twitter discussion between three comedians accused Amy Schumer of stealing jokes. Wendy Liebman, Kathleen Madigan, and Tammy Pescatelli all took part, per Refinery 29 , though Pescatelli seemed to be the most vocal and many of the tweets were ultimately deleted. Schumer responded on Twitter Wednesday: "... More »

College to Offer Degree in Cracking Jokes

BFA in comedic arts will cover comedy theory, writing, performance

(Newser) - Emerson College will soon offer a degree "for those who want their studies to be a joke," cracks : a bachelor of fine arts in comedic arts. Thanks to the "marked rise of comedy's impact on American culture and its global influence," the Boston... More »

Seinfeld Slam of 'PC' Campuses Resonates

One columnist thinks he's right, but a college student challenges him

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld made some waves by telling ESPN radio this week that he doesn't do shows on college campuses anymore because students are too politically correct. He doubled down on Seth Meyers' show last night, complaining about the "creepy PC thing out there," an atmosphere in which... More »

Stewart Applauds Hebdo's 'Act of Courage'

Says no matter the outrage in discourse, satirists on 'Team Civilization'

(Newser) - Jon Stewart paid a touching homage on last night's Daily Show to the victims of yesterday's Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, saying, "I know very few people go into comedy as an act of courage, mainly because it shouldn't have to be … an act of... More »

At This Comedy Club, It's 38 Cents a Laugh

Barcelona venue using facial-recognition tech to spot guffaws

(Newser) - Audiences beware: If you laugh too much at this comedy club, you'll pay for it—literally. Barcelona's Teatreneu is using facial-recognition technology to charge visitors by the laugh, the BBC reports. Come to the club, and the seat in front of you will have a tablet tracking your... More »

Tonight Show Fave, Comedian David Brenner Dies at 78

Standup pioneered observational comedy of Seinfeld

(Newser) - Other veteran comics could head straight to The Tonight Show couch to banter with Johnny Carson, but David Brenner had to do a stand-up routine when he was a guest. Finally, Carson told a puzzled Brenner why. "I like to sit back, smoke a cigarette and laugh for six... More »

Ghostbusters Star Harold Ramis Dead at 69

Famed actor and director was behind hits like Caddyshack, Groundhog Day

(Newser) - Egon Spengler has given up the ghostbusting. Actor and director Harold Ramis died just after midnight today, due to complications from a rare disease, his wife tells the Chicago Tribune . He was 69. Ramis was probably best known for his aforementioned role in Ghostbusters, which he also co-wrote, but his... More »

Not So Funny? Comedians Have Psychotic Traits

Score higher compared to those in 'non-creative' jobs

(Newser) - Plenty of people would agree comedians are a bit crazy—but are they psychotic? Not quite, but they measure as having higher levels of psychotic personality traits than those in "non-creative" professions, a new study finds. Researchers had 523 comedians, 364 actors, and 831 people in the "non-creative... More »

'I'm Not Sorry' for Vets' Joke, Writes Comedian

Natasha Leggero bucks a trend, challenges her over-the-top critics

(Newser) - Empty public apologies are all the rage these days, but comedian Natasha Leggero is taking a different route. "I'm not sorry," she wrote on her Tumblr after taking heat for a joke she made on NBC on New Year's Eve about World War II vets.... More »

Dane Cook Returns to Comedy

Comic talks about grief over his parents' deaths, return to road

(Newser) - Ready or not, world, Dane Cook, standup comedian is back. It's been four years since the controversial comic went on tour. In the middle of that drought, in 2011, he told Amy Kaufman at the LA Times that he'd essentially retired. (Though apparently, he did get on stage... More »

Comedian Punches Reporter After Tweet-Diss

Dan Nainan arrested at DC comedy contest

(Newser) - A decidedly unfunny moment at DC's Funniest Celebrity competition, at least for one journalist: While professional comedian Dan Nainan was onstage as a headliner, Newsweek/Daily Beast correspondent Josh Rogin sent out a few critical tweets. ( Sample : "Dan Nainan makes his umpteenth joke about how Asians cant distinguish... More »

Explained: The Complex Math Jokes Hidden in The Simpsons

Staff of math-nerd writers have inserted many mind-blowing freeze-frame gags

(Newser) - Many of us can quote endlessly from The Simpsons, citing obscure plots, characters, and gags from the show's 24 seasons. But not so many people are aware of the complex math jokes that have been quietly slipped into the series over the years, writes Simon Singh, who calls The ... More »

Behold the 'World's Ugliest Animal' (If You Dare)

Blobfish wins contest to become mascot for conscientious comedy group

(Newser) - It's a perpetually sad-looking, endangered sack of a fish, but the blobfish has reason to rejoice today: it's just been voted the official mascot of the Ugly Animals Preservation Society . The British comedy/conservation group has been holding a public poll to determine the world's ugliest animal, in... More »

This Is the End Is Hilarious, Interminable

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg make a self-referential gem

(Newser) - Just how funny can the end of the world be? Really funny if you spend it with a bunch of Hollywood's top young comedians playing themselves in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's raunchy and absurd This Is the End. Critics seem to agree that the film is hilarious—... More »

Futurama Canceled Again

Comedy Central pulls plug after 7 seasons

(Newser) - Bad news, everyone! Comedy Central has decided to make Futurama a thing of the past once more, EW reports. The second half of season 7—a 13-episode set beginning June 19—will be the last new adventures for Fry and friends, with the final episode set to air Sept. 4.... More »

Sarah Silverman's New Target: Voter ID Laws

Video lampoons push to keep minorities, students from voting

(Newser) - Sarah Silverman wants you to get a gun permit, because unlike a student ID, it'll give you the right to vote. In 2008, the comedian advocated "the Great Schlep " down to Florida to encourage grandparents to back Barack Obama; now she's illuminating new voter ID laws... More »

Robin Williams May Return to TV Comedy

CBS considers David E. Kelley show

(Newser) - For the first time in 30 years, the former Mork from Ork could be back on the tube. Robin Williams is working on a half-hour sitcom from David E. Kelley, and CBS is considering picking it up, the Hollywood Reporter reveals. The single-camera show tells the story of a father... More »

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