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College to Return Tapes That Implicated Sinn Fein

History project goes awry as police use old interviews for investigations

(Newser) - Boston College is conceding that a years-long project intended to chronicle the violence in Northern Ireland is pretty much a bust. The university says it will return the interviews of any members of the IRA or of the pro-British paramilitary group who participated in the project from 2001 to 2006,... More »

Boston College Students to Walk Final Marathon Miles

'We decide when our marathon ends'

(Newser) - More than 12,000 people have signed up to walk the last five miles of the Boston Marathon route on Friday in a show of support for those who had their marathon cut short. The march is being organized by Boston College students, Mashable reports. "For anyone who did... More »

Boston College: Students Can't Give Out Condoms

Catholic university threatens disciplinary action

(Newser) - Attending a Catholic university and distributing condoms on campus apparently don't mix. Boston College is threatening disciplinary action against a group of students who are giving away more than 1,000 condoms a semester, the Boston Globe reports. BC says the student-run "Safe Sites" program is violating the... More »

Law Student Asks School to Refund Tuition

Boston College third-year cites bleak job market, offers to drop out

(Newser) - A law student at Boston College has taken a look at the job market (and student loans) that await him—and would like a full tuition refund, please. In an open letter to the dean that ran in the EagleiOnline school paper, the anonymous third-year student offers to drop out... More »

Hoop Star Ayla Brown Loves Singing, Spotlight

Former Idol hopeful thinks dad's Senate win will reignite singing career

(Newser) - Ayla Brown has mostly concentrated on college and basketball since flaming out on American Idol in 2006, but she may be getting another shot at a singing career thanks to her senator-elect dad. “We’ve been getting some incredible opportunities,” Scott Brown's elder daughter tells the Boston Globe... More »

QB McNair Retiring From NFL

Co-MVP in 2003, injuries had plagued 35-year-old recently

(Newser) - Ravens quarterback Steve McNair will announce his retirement today, the Baltimore Sun reports. The 13-year veteran surprised his teammates with his decision this morning at a team mini-camp. After leading Tennessee to a Super Bowl, he spent the past two seasons with Baltimore, and injuries limited him to only six... More »

Son Replaces Dad As Drake Head Coach

Tom Davis steps down, son Keno steps up as basketball coach

(Newser) - Keno Davis will replace his father, Dr. Tom Davis, who is retiring as Drake University’s men’s basketball head coach. The elder Davis had coached Division I basketball for 32 seasons, the last four at Drake. Earlier, at Lafayette, he gave University of Maryland men’s basketball Head Coach... More »

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