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Obesity Drugs May Not Work So Great for Women

Male mice see much greater benefit in study

(Newser) - Bad news, ladies: Your brain may be wired in a way that doesn't help you lose weight—at least when compared with male brains. That's what scientists led by the University of Aberdeen conclude after observing how mice shed extra weight. In a Molecular Metabolism study, pointed out... More »

10 Things to Know About the Female Brain

First of all, that bad mood isn't necessarily her fault

(Newser) - Looking to get a little insight into the female brain? LiveScience helps a guy out by offering 10 neat (and revealing) facts about what goes on inside a woman's head:
  • It’s not just PMS: A woman’s menstrual cycle actually affects her every day of the month, with hormone
... More »

Left-Handed Men Earn More: Study

Southpaws struggle in school but surpass righties at work

(Newser) - Left-handed men earn an average of 5% more than right-handed men, two British and Irish studies have discovered. The studies found that southpaw males tended to do worse in school—possibly because of trouble adapting to a right-handed world—but were more successful as adults. Female lefties, however, did worse... More »

Big Differences Found in Male, Female Brains

They're apparently based on different genetic blueprints, studies find

(Newser) - The brains of men and women are so physically different they amount to different organs and may have developed from distinct genetic blueprints, new research shows. Distinct anatomical differences between male and female brains likely explain many well-established differences of perception and behavior between the sexes, from problem-solving strategies to... More »

4 Stories