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6 Ridiculous Celeb Crimes

Freeing lobsters, spraying hair glue, and more...

(Newser) - Dina Lohan almost got herself arrested over an ice cream cake. Lohan apparently attempted to use her daughter’s free ice cream card, and a Carvel employee asked for ID. They both freaked out, resulting somehow in police helicopters arriving. Inspired by this insane incident—Lohan actually said, “It... More »

As Legal Battle Melts Carvel Fortune, Heir Cries Murder

Foul play is latest accusation in 18-year fight over ice-cream king's $67M estate

(Newser) - The 18-year battle over Tom Carvel’s estate is as bitter as his franchise’s soft-serve and ice-cream cakes are sweet, with his niece Pamela—the only surviving family heir—now pushing authorities to investigate claims Carvel was murdered by insiders bent on staking claim to a $67 million fortune.... More »

2 Stories