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Alleged Cop Killer Shot Dead Outside Bank

He allegedly fired at police in Mississippi

(Newser) - A bank robber sought in two holdups and the murder of a police officer was shot dead yesterday after robbing a bank in Phoenix, according to the FBI. The subject of a nationwide manhunt , he entered a Compass Bank in Phoenix yesterday morning and walked out in a black ski... More »

Feds Nab Man Suspected of Robbing 20 Banks

Luis Alomar captured on Long Island

(Newser) - The FBI has captured a man they believe is responsible for roughly 20 bank robberies along the East Coast. Luis Alomar, 37, was arrested at about 2:30 this morning in the Long Island community of Medford, Newsday reports. Police didn't give any details on the arrest, but did... More »

Gunmen Swipe $54M From Libya Central Bank Van

'A catastrophe for the whole of Libya'

(Newser) - Ten gunmen stole $54 million from a bank van as it entered the city of Sirte in Libya after departing the airport, the BBC reports. The cash had come from Libya's central bank in Tripoli. The van had a single security vehicle as protection, and guards "were unable... More »

Bank Burglary Suspect Falls Through Roof, Is Arrested

Bank heist goes wrong in unusual fashion

(Newser) - A burglar who tried to break into an ATM at a bank in San Francisco was arrested today after he hopped onto the roof of a nearby building to escape and fell into an apartment, police said. The 230-pound suspect was not seriously injured. "There was a hole in... More »

Cops: Cyberthieves Planned To Rob Bank Remotely

Allegedly tried to install device to take control of London branch computer

(Newser) - Four men appeared in a London court today, charged with attempting to rob a bank by taking control of its computer system. Police say the suspects were arrested after a bogus maintenance engineer tried to install a keyboard-video-mouse—a device typically used to control several computers at once—on a... More »

Venice Robbers Steal $1.7M ... in Lagoon

They robbed a boat ferrying money to banks

(Newser) - Filed under the only-in-Venice category: Three bank robbers pulled off a $1.7 million heist in one of the city's lagoons. In fact, they made it look easy: An armored truck delivered the money to a courier boat, which then was supposed to deliver it to banks, explains Fox... More »

Man Recognizes Suspected Bank Robber: It's Mom!

Dee Ann Sanders charged on Tuesday

(Newser) - When it comes to citizens turning in accused criminals, it's hard to top this one. A Michigan man called police to tell them that he could ID the woman seen robbing a bank in surveillance photos: dear ol' mom. Even better: Dean Badger told authorities they could find her... More »

65-Year-Old Ex-Marine Fights Off Bank Robber

'You gotta be kidding me' he said

(Newser) - No matter how young and fit you are, odds are you're not as badass as Eugene Storley. The 65-year-old ex-Marine and ex-cop was in a bank Monday afternoon when a man came in wearing a hard hat and breathing mask and pointed a gun at the teller. "You... More »

Man Dies Trying to Stop Bank Robber

Vincent Kelley jumped in suspect's car

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania bank robbery suspect fatally shot a supermarket customer who ran after him and tried to stop his getaway car, police say. Vincent Kelley, 46, was shopping with a friend at the Giant Eagle in Strabane Square when the man robbed an in-store Citizens Bank branch about 2:30pm... More »

Cops: Cyberthieves Stole $45M From ATMs in Hours

Seven arrests made in US as part of global investigation

(Newser) - A gang of cyber-criminals stole $45 million in a matter of hours by hacking their way into a database of prepaid debit cards and then draining cash machines around the globe, federal prosecutors said today. Seven people are under arrest in the US in connection with the case, which prosecutors... More »

Woman Robs Bank Using ... Spaghetti Sauce: Cops

She said jars were a bomb

(Newser) - Bank tellers thought a female robber was armed with a bomb Saturday, but it was actually just spaghetti sauce, police say. The woman, about 60, put a bag on the counter at a Michigan Fifth Third Bank, said it contained a bomb, and demanded money. "It did look like... More »

Old Man Robs Bank So He Can Go Back to Prison: FBI

Walter Unbehaun told investigators he felt more comfortable on the inside

(Newser) - After spending most of his adult life behind bars, 73-year-old Walter Unbehaun was released in 2011—but recently decided to rob another bank in hopes of going back. He felt more comfortable in prison, court documents allege, and wanted to spend his final years there. So the balding, gray-haired man... More »

Man in Romney Mask Robs Wells Fargo

Same location hit by robber 2 years prior in Hillary Clinton mask

(Newser) - A Wells Fargo was robbed in Sterling, Va., yesterday by a man apparently wearing a Mitt Romney mask, reports NBC News . The robber, wielding a gun and wearing a Florida State sweatshirt, did not just take money from one teller, but stole from all five before making his getaway. To... More »

Woman on YouTube: I Robbed a Bank!

Police somehow caught on to Hannah Sabata's video

(Newser) - Let's face it: These days, bragging about your crimes on Facebook has gotten old. If you really want to grab the limelight, do what 19-year-old Hannah Sabata of Nebraska appears to have done: Post a video on YouTube in which you dangle what you claim are the keys to... More »

Bank President Greets Robber —With Colt .380

Peoples Bank in Missouri supports concealed gun rights

(Newser) - A bank robber in a Chucky mask got more than he bargained for when he stole $4,779 from the family-owned Peoples Bank & Trust in Missouri this week—the business end of a Colt .380 handgun. The robbery was witnessed by bank president David W. Thompson, who followed the... More »

Thieves Try to Bust ATM, Blow Up Bank Instead

Entire branch in Germany destroyed

(Newser) - Thieves in Germany attempted to bust open a cash machine last night … but the resulting explosion ended up destroying the entire bank instead, der Spiegel reports. The blast in the small town of Nottuln-Darup sent debris flying as far as 260 feet. "Damage to the building is likely... More »

LA Bank Robbers Hurl Cash From Car

Scramble for cash slows down cops in pursuit

(Newser) - There was mayhem on the streets of South LA yesterday as suspected bank robbers repeatedly threw cash from a speeding SUV during an 80-minute police chase. "It's our neighborhood stimulus package," quipped one woman as hundreds of people scrambled for the cash in some of the city'... More »

Study Does the Math: Robbing Banks Doesn't Pay

US bank heists return an average of $4K a person

(Newser) - As the saying goes, crime doesn't pay, and when it comes to bank robbery, that's apparently true. The average per-person take from a US bank heist is a mere $4,330, according to a new study spotted by Gizmodo . The research heaps more rain on a would-be robber'... More »

Bank Robber Leaves a Tip

Firefighter turned criminal says he was off his medication

(Newser) - If you're going to go off your meds and become a bank robber, you might as well be polite about it. That's what Texas firefighter Jesus Ventura did this week. According to a federal complaint, Ventura, 37, walked into a Chase Bank on April 10, asked where the... More »

Teller to Bank Robber: We're Closed, Come Back

Improbable fib thwarts robbery

(Newser) - Hate the short hours at your local bank? Think how Olga L. Perdomo feels. Last week, she tried to rob Albany Bank and Trust in Chicago, but was thwarted when a wily teller told her the bank was closed, and to come back tomorrow. The full story: Perdomo walked into... More »

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