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Mormon Church Threatens to Boot Pair of Activists

...for pushing women priests, gay acceptance

(Newser) - Kate Kelly wants women to be allowed to become Mormon priests. John P. Dehlin simply wants Mormons to be more accepting of gay members. Now both are facing excommunication from the church for apostasy, the New York Times reports. They were notified of the move on consecutive days this week,... More »

Vatican Sacks Bishop Who Wanted Women Priests

William Morris also argued church should consider ordaining married men

(Newser) - An Australian bishop claims the Roman Catholic church sacked him because he advocated the ordaining of women and married men. The Vatican confirmed today that Bishop William Morris had been "removed from pastoral care" by Pope Benedict XVI, and Morris claims the ouster was a result of a 2006... More »

'Ordain Women' Ads Will Greet Pope in London

Catholic women's group seeks to get pontiff's attention

(Newser) - A group of Catholic women seeking to get the pope's attention has bought ad space on London buses. The ads—reading "Pope Benedict Ordain Women Now"—will appear on buses traveling past places the pontiff will visit on his trip to Britain this fall, the Guardian reports. Groups... More »

Critics Furious Over Vatican's Slight to Women

It equates female priests with pedophilia

(Newser) - It's not clear why the Vatican decided to classify female priests on a par with pedophiles in their decree on moral and canonical offenses yesterday, but the New York Times speculates it was to shut down those who pitch women in the priesthood as part of the solution to the... More »

Vatican Issues New Sex Abuse Rules

Rules also declare ordaining a woman a 'grave crime'

(Newser) - The Vatican has released new rules for dealing with sexual abuse from priests, mandating a set of “more rapid procedures” to expedite the “most urgent” cases, and extending the statute of limitations from 10 years beyond the victim's 18th birthday to 20 years. It also formally outlawed child... More »

Get Lost, Benedict, We Need a Woman for the Job

Pope is hopelessly tainted, and it's time for a nun to right the church

(Newser) - Maureen Dowd continues her rant on the scandal-ridden Catholic patriarchy for a second Sunday, calling for Pope Benedict to "go home to Bavaria," while the church gets itself a "nope"—"a nun who is pope." Dowd isn't buying claims that the "sin-crazed 'Rottweiler'... More »

Anglicans Open Path for First Women Bishops

But deal provides loophole for traditionalists

(Newser) - The Church of England has drafted a plan to allow the first women bishops within 3 years, the Times of London reports. But there’s a catch—to appease traditionalists, parishes that won’t tolerate a woman can have their own “complementary” bishops. Still, members of this special class... More »

Boston Diocese Boots 'Women Priests'

Church excommunicates 4 women ordained in unsanctioned ritual

(Newser) - A group campaigning for women to be admitted to the Roman Catholic priesthood held a ceremony in a Protestant church in Boston yesterday in which three women were declared Catholic priests and a fourth a deacon. The Archdiocese of Boston immediately denounced the action and declared that the women had... More »

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