Humboldt County

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Burglars Stole Boy's Ashes, Demanded $5K Ransom

Parents handed over cash for 6-year-old's remains

(Newser) - It would be an insult to the bottom-feeders of the animal kingdom to compare them to burglars police are seeking in Humboldt County, Calif. Police say they're investigating the theft of an urn containing the ashes of Ryan Wagner, a 6-year-old boy who died from cancer in 2011, the... More »

Parks Ranger Found Passed Out With a Beer

Tyson Young was noticed by a passerby

(Newser) - Nothing like cracking open a brew and falling asleep ... at the wheel of your patrol car. That's apparently why California State Parks Ranger Tyson Young was found dozing in his parked vehicle on Aug. 15 in Northern California, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. A passerby (who's staying anonymous)... More »

Why Calif. Pot Farmers Open Fire on Scientists

In California, marijuana growers are damaging the environment

(Newser) - Think pot growers are kind, environmentally-minded hippies? Not in the so-called Emerald Triangle, a weed-farming region of California where illegal growers are spewing pollution, poisoning wildlife, and scaring scientists away from probing the environmental effects of pot-growing, Mother Jones reports. One wildlife ecologist received threats against his family, and researchers... More »

Marijuana Smokers, You're Inhaling Pesticides

And that smoke goes right to your bloodstream

(Newser) - If you like smoking weed, pay attention to the product you're buying—because you may be inhaling pesticides without realizing it, the Times-Standard reports. A chemistry PhD at Humboldt State University recently presented his study about the pesticide dangers faced by marijuana smokers: "I think that what's... More »

Calif. Cops Lost in Pot Law Haze

They're left to sort out enforcement in whatever state

(Newser) - California cops can't wait until marijuana laws are clarified one way or the other because they're so confused right now that they might as well be stoned on the job. Take Deputy Sheriff Robert Hamilton of Humboldt County, the root of the state's wild west marijuana culture. He recently discovered... More »

On the Trail of Medical Marijuana

California's system has plenty of gray areas, New Yorker finds

(Newser) - California's legalization of medical marijuana helped create a cultivation and distribution network that promises big money for those willing to work in legal gray areas. Guided by an old friend, Blue, who's a dealer in all but name, David Samuels of the New Yorker follows the trail of Tibetan prayer... More »

6 Stories