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Morgan Stanley Boss: Bankers Are Overpaid

But that's not going to change unless Washington steps in

(Newser) - John Mack, chairman and former CEO of Morgan Stanley, says Wall Street overpays its bankers, but that won’t change unless Washington steps in. “I still don’t think the industry gets it,” he said at an event yesterday. “The issue is not structure, it is amount.... More »

Wall Street's Finest Head to DC Showdown

Commission styled after 9/11 inquiry probes meltdown

(Newser) - Four of Wall Street's fattest fatcats are headed to Washington this morning to do some explaining about how exactly it was that the United States of America came to teeter on the brink of financial Armageddon. A 9/11 Commission-style panel appointed by Congress has the job of writing the narrative... More »

No-Show Bankers Show Who's on Top

With bailout funds repaid, Wall Street snubs the president

(Newser) - Obama’s meeting with top bankers yesterday spoke volumes about the new power dynamic between Washington and Wall Street—and not in the White House’s favor. Three top bankers, Lloyd Blankfein, John Mack and Richard Parsons, called in rather than showing their faces. Their excuse was weather that had... More »

Mack Steps Down as Morgan Stanley CEO

Ends tumultuous 4 years, including bank's near collapse

(Newser) - John Mack is stepping down after 4 years as CEO of Morgan Stanley, the bank that nearly succumbed at the height of the financial crisis. Morgan Stanley has seen its reputation suffer in recent years after ill-advised moves into real-estate-backed assets that cost the bank billions, raising questions about Mack's... More »

Merrill CEO Backs Off $10M Bonus Request

Wall Street climate pressures Thain to forgo year-end check

(Newser) - Under a wave of criticism, Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain today gave up asking for a $5-to-$10 million bonus, the Wall Street Journal reports. New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo called the request "nothing less than shocking" during an "abysmal year" in which Merrill lost $11 billion. Thain... More »

Short Sellers Vilified But Vindicated

They may be vultures, but it's not their fault banks are in trouble

(Newser) - In a memo to Morgan Stanley employees, CEO John Mack fumed that the investment bank was being attacked "by fear and rumors, and short sellers are driving our stock down." Today, following similar action in the UK, the SEC banned short selling of 799 financial companies to stem... More »

Morgan Stanley Beats Estimates With 42% Q1 Drop

No. 2 investment bank beats analysts, but earnings fall again

(Newser) - A day after posting its biggest gain on Wall Street in more than a decade—shares rose 18% to $42.86—securities firm Morgan Stanley today reported a second straight quarterly loss, as first quarter earnings fell 42% to $1.55 billion, from $2.67 billion a year ago, reports... More »

Morgan Stanley Boss Faces Shareholder Pressure

Mack lambasted for taking excessive risk, accumulating debt

(Newser) - With $11 billion in writedowns already on the books and a history of making risky trades and building debt, Morgan Stanley CEO and chairman John Mack is facing scrutiny from some shareholders, the New York Times reports. He has substantial support, but at least one activist group is pushing for... More »

Morgan Stanley CEO Feels Heat

After 'embarassing' quarter, Mack could lose his swagger— and his job

(Newser) - When John Mack became Morgan Stanley’s CEO in 2005, he told the company to take more risks. “You’ve lost your swagger,” he told his traders. Now, after several questionable moves and yesterday's staggering $9.4 billion writedown, swagger isn’t looking so hot—and Mack could... More »

Morgan Stanley Stuns With $9.4B in Writedowns

CEO gives up bonus in face of terrible performance

(Newser) - Morgan Stanley, the nation's second-largest investment bank, lost $3.59 billion this quarter, its first loss ever, after taking a whopping $9.4 billion in writedowns on mortgage-backed securities. CEO John Mack, who promised to give up his 2007 bonus as penance for the losses, also announced a $5-billion cash... More »

Morgan Stanley 2nd Quarter Wallops Rivals

Profits spike 40% as subprime slump smacks rest of sector

(Newser) - Morgan Stanley released far better-than-expected earnings figures today, with net income up over 40% in the last quarter. Riding strong fixed-income sales and trading figures, profits rose to $2.58 billion, up from $1.84 billion last year. That's a far cry from rivals Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns, whose... More »

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