indentured servitude

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Feds: Couple Ran $45M Medicare Scam, Had an Indentured Servant

They had a fleet of luxury SUVs but paid their nanny $66 a day, threatened her

(Newser) - File under Appearances Can Be Deceiving: A Chicago-area couple whose 5,000-square-foot home came complete with a bevvy of luxury SUVs built their empire "on a lie," reports the Chicago Tribune . Richard and Maribel Tinimbang, 38 and 40, are being charged with various counts of conspiracy, paying kickbacks,... More »

Woman Says She Was Forced Into Servitude in US

Two Italian government workers deny charges

(Newser) - An Italian government employee working at the San Francisco consulate and his wife were arrested and charged with turning a Brazilian woman into an indentured servant after luring the woman to the United States with promises of a better life. Guiseppe and Kesia Penzato, who spent the weekend in jail... More »

Piglets-for-Girls Bargain Saves Thousands

Nepalese spared from slavery, sent to school by non-profit program

(Newser) - An American’s plan to keep poor Nepalese families from selling daughters into slavery by offering them pigs has saved thousands of girls in the Himalayan country, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The non-profit founded by Olga Murray gives pigs (which, grown, fetch the same $35-75 buyers would pay for... More »

3 Stories