Steven Bartman

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Pariah Cubs Fan Not Emerging Even After World Series Win

Steve Bartman won't 'crash the parade'

(Newser) - Chicago has been waiting for him to come out of hiding for more than a decade—but it doesn't look like the man who was blamed for contributing to the Cubs' 2003 National League Championship loss will be out and about anytime soon, even though his team finally won... More »

Spoiler Cubs Fan Offered $25K for Autograph

Will man, a recluse since curse-prolonging 2003 foul-ball incident, emerge for bounty?

(Newser) - Will Steve Bartman—the fan blamed for costing the long-suffering Chicago Cubs a trip to the 2003 World Series—come out of hiding for $25,000? A pair of sports memorabilia outfits are offering the bounty, the Orlando Sentinel reports, if Bartman shows up at a July 31 convention in... More »

2 Stories