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Scientists Pinpoint 4 Personality Types

Study refers to reserved, self-centered, role model, and average categories

(Newser) - Northwestern University psychology professor William Revelle spent years trying to show there are no real personality types. His latest research published Monday in Nature Human Behavior points to the opposite conclusion. Using data from 1.5 million survey respondents, it identifies four clear personality types—average, reserved, self-centered, and role... More »

PhD Student Killed 'Within 4 Hours' of Landing in Chicago

Shane Colombo was running an errand to buy hangers

(Newser) - The injustice of it all is staggering: A Northwestern University PhD student who survived lymphoma as a teen was shot dead in Chicago on Sunday evening just four hours after landing in the city; Shane Colombo was in the Rogers Park neighborhood on the city's north side buying hangers,... More »

Plague Expert Among 2 Wanted for Chicago Murder

Cops also seeking British university treasurer

(Newser) - Police in Chicago have asked law enforcement agencies across the country to be on the lookout for a strange pair of murder suspects: an American bubonic plague expert and a British university treasurer. Wyndham Lathem, a 42-year-old professor of microbiology and immunology at Northwestern University, and Andrew Warren, a 56-year-old... More »

College Crew Practice Turns Fatal in Chicago

Northwestern freshman drowns after falling overboard

(Newser) - A member of Northwestern University's crew team drowned after falling overboard during practice Monday morning in Chicago, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. The body of 19-year-old Mohammad Ramzan wasn't found until Monday night. According to ABC 7 , there were eight other people in the boat when the freshman from... More »

Proud March Madness Mom: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Her son, Charlie, plays for Northwestern

(Newser) - The fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfus' son helped her alma mater, Northwestern, make it into the NCAA March Madness bracket for the first time was a victory in itself. But then the No. 8 seed in the West actually won. Cameras caught Louis-Dreyfus, 56, looking awestruck and mouthing the words "... More »

'Moral Symbols' at Work Can Keep Bad Bosses in Line

'Righteous' quotations, religious items can help workers avoid unethical requests

(Newser) - Could the whole subprime mess have been avoided if bankers had some inspirational Gandhi quotes laying around? That's the question the Chicago Tribune asks after reviewing a study that shows employees who display "moral symbols"—an "ethically righteous quote" or religious item like rosary beads—are... More »

NLRB Spikes Northwestern Players' Move to Unionize

Nation's first union of college athletes won't be happening

(Newser) - The National Labor Relations Board today dismissed a historic ruling that Northwestern University football players are school employees who are entitled to form what would be the nation's first union of college athletes. The losing side does not have an option to appeal. "That is it. That's... More »

Top Journalism School Misspells Own Name on Diplomas

Medill known for tough stance on errors

(Newser) - Northwestern University's journalism school has a very low tolerance for spelling errors—at least those made by students. Make such a mistake on any assignment, and you'll automatically receive a "Medill F," the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Turns out those mistakes aren't so hard to make:... More »

Sports Bombshell: Northwestern Players Can Unionize

But school will appeal preliminary ruling to NLRB in Washington

(Newser) - Northwestern football players aren't just student-athletes—they're employees of the university who have the right to form a union, a federal official ruled today. How big of a deal is today's ruling by a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board? "The stunning decision has... More »

Northwestern: No, Our Special Uniforms Aren't Blood-Stained

It's supposed to look like an old flag, but some see it differently

(Newser) - Northwestern football players will don flag-inspired uniforms for their Nov. 16 game to honor wounded vets—but they're already apologizing for the gear. That's because it appears to be bloodstained, the AP reports via the Washington Post . In fact, it's a "distressed pattern on both the... More »

Researchers Name Language After Colbert

It turns out bilingual people are good at learning fake tongues

(Newser) - America's favorite fake pundit now has his own fake language. Northwestern University researchers wanted to study whether or not knowing multiple languages helped you learn a completely unrelated one, so they made one up, dubbing it "Colbertian," NBC Chicago reports. "We had to invent a new... More »

Northwestern Drops Live Orgasm Demo Class

Naked woman with vibrator too much for university officials

(Newser) - You can forget about applying to Northwestern now. University officials have decided to drop the school's class on sexuality in the wake of the brouhaha that erupted after students watched a naked woman enjoying a vibrator, reports the Chicago Tribune . The demonstration was presented after class, and attendance was... More »

That 'Live Orgasm' Class Was the Best One I Took

Author didn't see the same demonstration, but defends the course

(Newser) - J. Michael Bailey is getting a lot of flak for his Human Sexuality class at Northwestern University—you know, the one where some students, after class, watched a naked woman come to orgasm on stage. Bailey has already defended the decision , and now a former student is backing him up... More »

'No Harm' in Live Orgasm Demo: Northwestern Prof

J. Michael Bailey regrets effect on university's reputation

(Newser) - The Northwestern psychology professor behind the now-infamous after-class demonstration of a woman brought to orgasm has issued a new statement, reports the Chicago Tribune —and he's sort of sorry. "During a time of financial crisis, war, and global warming, this story has been a top news story for... More »

Live Orgasm in Class Creates Mess for Northwestern

University president says he's troubled by incident

(Newser) - Northwestern University initially backed the professor whose idea of an extracurricular activity was allowing his students to watch a naked woman orgasm onstage —but after the incident received national attention, officials now say they are investigating. In a statement, the university president said the demonstration "represented extremely poor... More »

Sex 101: Northwestern Class Watches Live Orgasm

Human sexuality class gets live demonstration

(Newser) - Class presentations don’t get much more unconventional: last week Northwestern psychology professor John Bailey held an optional after-class demonstration in which a naked woman had an orgasm live onstage, as a man identified as her fiance used a sex toy known as a “fucksaw” on her. The girl... More »

Did Students Famed for Freeing Inmates Commit a Crime?

David Protess, his Medill Innocence Project and its methods, under fire

(Newser) - Fame has followed Northwestern Professor David Protess for more than a decade: His Medill Innocence Project—which has eager students using their investigative journalism skills to help free the wrongfully convicted—has significantly altered Illinois' legal history, helping push then-Gov. George Ryan to halt executions. But the golden-child project has... More »

Ranking America's Most Stressful Schools

These colleges might just drive you to suicide

(Newser) - This month, lots of high school overachievers will be anxiously awaiting acceptances from the halls of Ivy—even as concerns mount that these schools might not be great for your mental health. Cornell University, for example, had two suicides in as many days last month. So the Daily Beast decided... More »

Condemned Man Spared During Last Meal

Murder convict Hank Skinner granted last-minute reprieve

(Newser) - A death row inmate in Texas was spared Wednesday just as he was finishing his last meal on earth—chicken, a bacon cheeseburger, fries, catfish, onion rings, and a salad. Hank Skinner, who had been on death row since 1995, was convicted of bludgeoning to death his live-in girlfriend and... More »

Student Journos in Court Over Murder Investigation

Northwestern's acclaimed Innocence Project under fire

(Newser) - A group of Illinois journalism students found themselves in court yesterday, accused of flirting with and paying off sources during a 2003-2006 investigation for the Medill Innocence Project. The Northwestern students claim to have uncovered evidence exonerating Anthony McKinney, convicted in 1982 of murdering a security guard. Both sides went... More »

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