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Travel Alert: Moon Dirt May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Researchers found that simulated lunar dust killed human lung cells

(Newser) - Spending time on the moon just got a little more complicated. A new study has found that lunar soil is extremely toxic and that even small amounts of lunar dirt could be damaging to lungs, reports Popular Mechanics . Astronauts on the Apollo missions first noticed problems with space dust when... More »

NASA Finds Lots of Water on Moon

Rocket probe discovers large amounts of ice

(Newser) - A NASA probe has turned up water on the moon. Lots of water. “We practically tasted it with the impact,” said a geologist. The discovery—made last month after the space agency blasted the probe into the moon to study the debris—raises the chances of one day... More »

China Astronauts Get Ready for First Spacewalk

(Newser) - China's 3-man spacecraft is now safely in orbit and all systems are go for the nation's first spacewalk tomorrow, reports Reuters. One of the astronauts is set to spend 40 minutes outside the shuttle in a $4.4 million Chinese space suit. Beijing plans to build a permanent space station... More »

Astronaut Reports Alien Visits

Apollo Moon walker Mitchell says US covered up close encounters

(Newser) - Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the moon during the Apollo 14 mission, says aliens have visited Earth but the information has been covered up by the government. The 77-year-old astronaut told a radio interviewer he was "privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited,... More »

4 Stories