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Montana Candidate Charged With Assaulting Reporter

Reporter says Gianforte body-slammed him

(Newser) - Republican candidate Greg Gianforte may have blown the race for Montana's only House seat on the eve of the election. Gianforte was charged with misdemeanor assault Wednesday evening after allegedly attacking Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, Politico reports. In an account backed up by an audio recording and statements from... More »

Neo-Nazi Hears Fate for 'Brutal' Killing of UK Lawmaker

White supremacist Thomas Mair murdered Jo Cox

(Newser) - A white supremacist who shot and stabbed a pro-European UK lawmaker while shouting "Britain first" was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for a crime prosecutors called an act of far-right terrorism. Jurors at London's Central Criminal Court deliberated for less than two hours before unanimously finding 53-year-old... More »

Party 'Altercation' Puts UK Pol in Hospital

But Steven Woolfe is apparently improving after apparent face punch in UKIP fracas

(Newser) - A UK politician said by the Telegraph to be the favorite in the race for leadership of Nigel Farage's UKIP party is in the hospital after sources tell Sky News he was punched in the face during a skirmish with UKIP members Thursday. "I deeply regret that following... More »

Candidate Caught Peeing in Coffee Mug Quits Race

Jerry Bance's indiscretion was captured on video

(Newser) - A Toronto businessman who had been running for Parliament with Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's party made the wrong kind of splash and is out of the race after being caught on video urinating in a coffee cup. The tinkling tale of Jerry Bance, who had been filmed while... More »

Politician Caught Watching Porn at Awkward Moment

Joao Rodrigues flicked through porn during debate in Brazil

(Newser) - Who needs electoral reform when there's lots to watch online—particularly images and videos involving naked people? That may have been Joao Rodrigues' line of thought when the Brazilian politician was caught watching porn on his phone during a parliamentary debate, the Independent reports. Local media shot video of... More »

Politician: Roadkill Collection Should Be Legal

Tink Nathan wants to legalize gathering of dead animals

(Newser) - Is your average roadkill a stomach-churning mess, or tonight's dinner? A Texas politician says it will become the latter if he wins a seat in the Texas House of Representatives and succeeds in pushing his agenda, NBC News reports. Tink Nathan, a 72-year-old Republican, wants to rescind the state'... More »

Attacker Aims Gun at Pol, Pulls the Trigger

Ahmed Dogan of Bulgaria escapes gas-gun attack

(Newser) - A stunning attack on a Bulgarian politician went awry today when the assailant's weapon failed to go off, the BBC reports. Ahmed Dogan, leader of Bulgaria's ethnic Turks, was giving a televised speech in Sofia when a man stormed the stage and aimed a gun at his head.... More »

Kelsey Grammer: I Might Turn Politician

But not quite yet; he's still acting for now

(Newser) - Kelsey Grammer has played a president , and in an upcoming TV series he'll play a mayor ... so why not run for political office in real life? That's what he may very well do after he retires from acting, Grammer tells the New York Post , although he's vague... More »

Village Cops Hunt Hitler Mustache Prankster

British police go house to house after pol complains

(Newser) - Police have descended on the tiny English village of Pitcombe in an effort to track down the prankster who drew a Hitler mustache on a poster of a local council member. Mike Beech reported the defaced poster to police, who have visited each one of the village's 20 houses... More »

Stop Sunday 'Coffee Hour,' Start Fact-Checking

Sunday shows should put guests 'at a maximum disadvantage'

(Newser) - How do we give Sunday morning shows some bite when they’d prefer to stick to the role of “amiable, risk-free coffee hour”? One media expert suggests a midweek online fact check of what was said over the weekend—but why wait ‘til Wednesday? asks Jason Linkins... More »

Percy Sutton, Malcolm X Lawyer, Dies

Civil rights activist was also savior of the Apollo Theater

(Newser) - Percy Sutton, the pioneering civil rights attorney who represented Malcolm X before launching successful careers as a political power broker and media mogul, has died at age 89. A spokeswoman for Gov. David Paterson confirmed Sutton died yesterday, but didn't know the cause. His daughter, Cheryl Sutton, declined comment. The... More »

Lawmakers Get Sweet Deal on World Series Tix

Critics say face-value tickets should count as a gift

(Newser) - Federal lawmakers have been getting tickets to sold-out World Series through a perk that has some ethicists crying foul. Some 75 tickets for this series have been sold to 15 lawmakers and their aides at face value by Major League Baseball and the teams. No ethics rules are being broken... More »

Calif. Pol Quits After Boast of Spanking Sex With Lobbyist

One utility company lobbyist was a 'bad girl,' assemblyman leered over hot mike

(Newser) - Some lobbyists will apparently do anything for work. A California assemblyman and family-values crusader has quit after boasting about spanking sex with a utility company lobbyist and "hot" sex with another. He went into graphic detail over a broadcast mike he didn't realize was live, reports the Los Angeles ... More »

Tom DeLay to Dance With Stars

(Newser) - Here's to hoping Tom DeLay is better at dancing than he is at obeying campaign finance laws. Dancing With the Stars host Tom Bergeron announced this season’s cast on Good Morning America this morning, and it included the former House majority leader. Bergeron said even he was floored when... More »

Blago Bereft? Hit GovernorRod.com

Former guv launches his site, finally

(Newser) - Looking to book Rod Blagojevich for a speaking gig, but just weren’t sure how to get a hold of him? Now you can reach him with the click of a mouse, thanks to his new website, which the ousted governor named—of course—GovernorRod.com, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.... More »

David Brooks: GOP Senator Groped Me

Columnist says politicians tend to be 'emotional freaks'

(Newser) - New York Times columnist David Brooks's career has taught him that the most powerful politicians are a bunch of "emotional freaks" prone to invading personal space, Think Progress reports. "I sat next to a Republican senator once at dinner and he had his hand on my inner thigh... More »

House to Post Expenses Online

Pelosi orders info on lawmakers' spending be made easier to access

(Newser) - The House is planning to put lists of lawmakers' expenses online in an effort to share more information with the public, the Wall Street Journal reports. The move, announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday, will give taxpayers easy access to details on lawmakers' expenses, which run up to $1.... More »

US Taxpayers, Too, Billed for Lawmakers' Cars, Cameras

Taxpayer groups criticize Congress for making expense info hard to get hold of

(Newser) - No moat-cleaning, but there were cameras, TVs, and fancy cars among the expenses members of Congress have charged to taxpayers recently, a Wall Street Journal investigation inspired by the British expenses scandal finds. House members are given up to $1.9 million a year and senators get up to $4.... More »

Lawmakers Spent Taxpayer Money on $9.1M in Bonuses

Aides rewarded with surplus cash from lawmakers' expenses

(Newser) - The lawmakers blustering about corporate bonuses haven't shied away from using government funds to reward their own staffers, a Wall Street Journal look at the records reveals. More than 200 House lawmakers from both parties paid $9.1 million in bonuses to 2,000-plus staff members in 2008—one of... More »

Magna Cum Fraud: Top Schools for Scoundrels

People behind financial crisis went to same universities

(Newser) - Many of the bigwigs involved in the financial crisis went to the same few elite schools, notes Joe Weisenthal in Business Insider. Maybe, he writes, when the crisis begins to fade, we’ll think twice about having another Harvardian or MIT grad running things. Among the offending institutions:
  • New York
... More »

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