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On the Line for Senators During NBA Finals: Booze

California, Ohio pols bet each other wine, beer as Warriors take on Cavaliers

(Newser) - With the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers meeting for their f ourth straight NBA finals , senators from Ohio and California are keeping things interesting with a bet. California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris have bet a case of California chardonnay and a case of beer from Anchor... More »

Conservative Blogger's Sting Hilariously Backfires

Right-winger catches columnist canoodling with ... her hubby

(Newser) - An unidentified conservative blogger thought he had caught a liberal columnist in quite the compromising position. Photos of one-time Cleveland Plain Dealer writer Connie Schultz apparently canoodling with a US senator from Ohio looked extremely damning. "Dear Ms. Shultz," the blogger wrote, misspelling her name: "We are... More »

Liberals Push to Toughen Bank Bill

See Goldman troubles as opening to break up banks, restore firewall

(Newser) - The Left is suddenly playing offense in the push for financial reform legislation, with liberal senators preparing a barrage of amendments to beef up the bill. One would break up the nation's six largest banks—Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley—whose combined assets... More »

Mag Names Most Liberal, Conservative Lawmakers

Rankings show ideology trumping Obama's change agenda

(Newser) - National Journal 's rankings of the most liberal and conservative lawmakers confirm that President Obama's first term has had little effect on the partisan atmosphere in Congress. Most members stick to the ideological positions they've staked out for most of their careers, with Sherrod Brown, John Kerry, and Chris... More »

McConnell: Dems Proceed at 2010 Peril

Senators hit the Sunday talk shows after health vote

(Newser) - The morning after Harry Reid scored his 60 votes, many a senator headed for the talk shows to expound on their views of the Senate health bill. A look around the Sunday dial:
  • There were 39 people unhappy with last night's outcome, and Mitch McConnell leads them, telling State of
... More »

McCain: Afghan Call Can't Wait

Troops decision dominates, but everybody backs away from 'dithering' Cheney

(Newser) - The pace of President Obama's decision on troop levels in Afghanistan again dominated the Sunday dial. John McCain told Face the Nation that Obama should move regardless of the Nov. 7 runoff's outcome: "Every day we delay will be a delay in this strategy succeeding.” Orrin Hatch... More »

New Congress' Key Fights Could Be Dem-on-Dem

Party split ideologically, geographically on major issues

(Newser) - The Democrats have amassed so much power in Congress their internal conflicts may matter more than their fights with the GOP. In Politico, Martin Kady II takes a look at some likely intra-party fault lines:
  • Californians against rust-belters on the environment: “The Midwestern Democrats—Sherrod Brown, Evan Bayh, and
... More »

Perennial Swing State Ohio Looks Blue

Rejuvenated local Dems bode well for Obama campaign

(Newser) - Ohio is the ultimate swing state: Since 1960 no president has been elected without winning its electoral votes, and in 2004, by the narrowest of margins, it delivered George W. Bush a second term. But this time around, Democrats are confident of their chances, the Economist reports. The state party... More »

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