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Termites Devour $225K at Bank

Staff at Indian bank accused of 'laxity'

(Newser) - Staffers at an Indian bank were perplexed by a 10 million rupee shortfall until the culprit was discovered: termites. The insects had found their way into a storeroom in the old wooden building and munched their way through bank notes worth some $225,000, reports the BBC . Bank officials say... More »

'Super Termite' Found in Fla.

Fast-eating bug known to cause panic among homeowners

(Newser) - One of the world's most feared termites has been caught gnawing on a Florida Gulfport home. Exterminators say they have saved the house, but admit that the "super termites"—or Formosan subterraneans—included winged swarmers, which indicates that that colony has existed for more than 5 years. "... More »

2 Stories