Boeing 757

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Plane Returns to SF After Wall Panels Crack Loose

Passengers watched in horror as panels fell from walls

(Newser) - A Dallas-bound American Airlines flight that departed from San Francisco International Airport turned around and made an emergency landing after some of the cabin's wall panels cracked loose, terrifying passengers, aviation and airlines officials say. The captain of the Boeing 757 decided to turn around an hour into the... More »

United Adds Bed-Seats on 182 Planes

All of the airline's international flights from New York will have them

(Newser) - If you're heading across the Atlantic—and you're flying first class—United Airlines wants to make your inevitable nap more comfortable. The airline will now offer seats that can lie completely flat in premium cabins on all its long-haul international flights out of New York, USA Today reports.... More »

American Airlines Cancels Flights to Fix Seats

Airline blames loose 757 seats on poor design

(Newser) - American Airlines passengers will soon once again be able to sit tight before they fasten their seat belts. The airline has canceled nearly a hundred flights to fix the loose seat problem that has hit three flights this week, forcing them to make emergency landings after entire rows of seats... More »

United Flight's Engine Shuts Down in Mid-Air

Plane makes emergency landing in Colorado

(Newser) - A United airlines flight en route from Denver to Los Angeles was forced to make an emergency landing in Colorado when one of its two engines shut down. The Boeing 757 experienced trouble shortly after takeoff and was diverted to a Grand Junction facility typically used by much smaller airplanes.... More »

Trump's Crazy Tour of His Sick Jet

Everything that can be gold-plated has been gold-plated

(Newser) - If you've never wanted to hear the phrase, "And here we are in Mr. Trump's bedroom," then turn back now. Dropping $100 million to retrofit a 757 jet that used to belong to that pauper Paul Allen apparently wasn't enough for the Donald. He also... More »

Trump Shows Off New $100M Plane

Refurbished 757 is a luxury suite in the sky

(Newser) - No more slumming it in the air for Donald Trump: The real estate mogul gave the New York Post a tour of his modest little $100 million private plane before taking it on its inaugural flight from New York to DC. The overhauled Boeing 757 seats 43 very comfortably and... More »

United Grounds 96 Planes

Airline behind on operational checks on required changes

(Newser) - United Airlines is temporarily grounding 96 Boeing 757s while it conducts maintenance checks. The move forced the cancellation of 15 flights and caused several delays yesterday, with more cancellations possible today, AP reports. The planes were grounded when it was discovered operational checks had not been completed on modifications to... More »

Hole In Plane Forces Emergency Landing

It lost pressure shortly after takeoff

(Newser) - Inspectors have found a gaping 1-foot-by-2-foot hole in the fuselage of a Boeing 757 that was forced to make an emergency landing Tuesday. The American Airlines flight, which was headed for Miami to Boston, began violently losing cabin pressure soon after takeoff, forcing it to circle back and land in... More »

Obama Lives Large on Decadent Jet

Inside the candidates' rides

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s new campaign plane oozes luxury—at least for Obama. The candidate’s section of the 757 is decked out with leather recliners, a dining booth, and a small table kept stocked with up-to-date newspapers, CBS reports. "O-Force One" is so far beyond the typical charter jet... More »

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