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Gwen Ifill Dead at 61

PBS 'NewsHour' co-anchor dies of cancer

(Newser) - Gwen Ifill, the veteran journalist and co-anchor of PBS' NewsHour with Judy Woodruff, died on Monday of cancer, the network said. She was 61. A former newspaper reporter, Ifill switched to television and worked for NBC News and PBS, the AP reports. She moderated two vice presidential debates. She took... More »

PBS Names First Female Co-Anchor Team on TV

Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff make history

(Newser) - That bastion of no-nonsense reporting and sensible blazers, the PBS NewsHour, will make history next month when it debuts its new anchor team: two women. Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff will be the first all-female anchor team on a nightly network newscast (that's team—Katie Couric was TV's... More »

PBS Readies Week of Shows on Newtown

Frontline , Nova to reflect on shooting

(Newser) - Starting Feb. 18, PBS will devote a week of shows to the Newtown shooting, it has announced. The "After Newtown" series will include the programs Frontline, Nova, PBS NewsHour, and Washington Week With Gwen Ifill. "PBS is not where you go for breaking news," says the station'... More »

Will Ferrell Awarded Twain Humor Prize

...before dropping it on the floor

(Newser) - Last year, it was Tina Fey ; this year, Will Ferrell rocked the Kennedy Center as he won the prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor last night. The star-studded gala saw speeches from celebrities as diverse as Ben Stiller, Ed Asner, Molly Shannon, and Gwen Ifill, the Washington Post reports.... More »

Meet the Press May Get New Anchor(s) Soon

PBS' Gwen Ifill, NBC's own Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory among candidates

(Newser) - NBC could name a new anchor, or anchors, for Meet the Press by Dec. 7, the Los Angeles Times reports. Sources at the network say that could be interim moderator Tom Brokaw’s last day on the show. Up for consideration are NBC’s David Gregory, Chuck Todd, and Andrea... More »

Schieffer Vows to Get Straight Answers in Debate

Says he will get tough with both candidates

(Newser) - CBS veteran broadcaster Bob Schieffer has vowed to stand firm when he moderates the final presidential debate tonight, and will press the candidates to answer questions put to them, Politico reports. Jim Lehrer, Gwen Ifill and Tom Brokaw have come under fire for being too easy on candidates in previous... More »

Pundits Zero In on McCain's Slide

GOP candidate once sat on board of far-right group linked to "anti-Semites"

(Newser) - With the election campaign in its last month, the Sunday talk shows turned to John McCain’s substantial slide in the polls, Politico reports. The highlights:
  • Vice-presidential debate moderator and soon-to-be author Gwen Ifill suggested on Meet the Press that hype over her alleged pro-Obama bias came from a twitchy
... More »

Palin's Winning Strategy: Ignore the Question

She succeeded by discussing whichever topic suited her

(Newser) - Sarah Palin made last night's debate work for her by answering whichever questions she wanted, not the questions she was asked, writes Christopher Beam in Slate. The Republican seemed to barely notice her opponent and the moderator, at one point telling Joe Biden, "I may not answer the questions... More »

Biggest Loser in VP Debate Was Gwen Ifill

Moderator did nothing to keep debate from being an infomercial

(Newser) - Last night's debate will provide "no fundamental change" in the race, writes James Fallows in the Atlantic, which is much better news for Obama than McCain. Here are some other quick takes from Fallows:
  • Moderator Gwen Ifill was "terrible." She seemed not to care at all about
... More »

McCain Changes Tune on Moderator Pick

Choice of Ifill, like Obama's poll bump, shows 'life isn't fair'

(Newser) - Lamenting that "life isn't fair," John McCain said today he’s less than happy with the selection of Gwen Ifill to host tonight's VP debate. “I wish they had picked a moderator that isn’t writing a book favorable to Barack Obama,” McCain said on Fox ... More »

Moderator of VP Debate Mired in Bias Brouhaha

Ifill's book on black politics has been reported for months

(Newser) - When the two presidential campaigns agreed that Gwen Ifill would moderate tonight's VP debate, it was already known that she was writing a book on contemporary black politics. But yesterday the right wing blogosphere erupted with claims that Ifill is biased toward the Democrats and should pull out. As the... More »

Usual Suspects to Host Debates

(Newser) - The moderators for the three presidential debates have been announced, and none of them are particularly gasp-inducing, the Swamp reports. Tom Brokaw, interim host of Meet the Press, Jim Lehrer, of PBS’ News Hour, and Bob Schieffer of CBS’ Face the Nation, will each host a debate, while Gwen Ifill,... More »

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