Dan Kaminsky

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Patch for Major Security Flaw Is Ineffective

Widely distributed fix for Internet failing only slows the damage

(Newser) - A fatal flaw in Internet security has a patch, but it’s a leaky one, the New York Times reports. Yesterday, a Russian scientist demonstrated an attack that secretly redirected web traffic. It took him just hours using standard equipment; before the patch, it would have taken seconds. Thieves could... More »

'Every Network Is at Risk' Thanks to Bug

Security expert says DNS flaw could cause Internet-wide chaos

(Newser) - Security researcher Dan Kaminsky outlined what he calls the biggest Internet security hole since 1997 to a gathering of experts yesterday, and it's a lot worse than had been understood, Wired reports. “Every network is at risk,” Kaminsky said at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. "... More »

2 Stories