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Why Lawyers Predict a Wave of Divorce This Year

Blame the loss of alimony tax deduction in 2019

(Newser) - An alimony deduction to be erased in 2019 under the new tax plan has lawyers preparing for a wave of divorces this year—and eying complications for recipients beyond. Payers have long received a tax break on alimony, while recipients have paid income tax on payments. But after Dec. 31,... More »

GOP Tax Bill Scraps Alimony Deductions

This could make divorce trickier, lawyers say

(Newser) - America's biggest tax law overhaul in more than 30 years contains a provision that some experts say is going to make divorce a more difficult process—especially for lower-income couples. The final version of the Republican tax plan removes the tax deduction for alimony payments, which are support payments... More »

Ex-Wife Sends 'Bum' Checks for 'Adult Child Support'

Who says divorce has to be civil?

(Newser) - Love might be a battlefield, but divorce for one New Jersey couple adds a definite element of playground free-for-all: As the Daily Record reports, Francis and Diane Wagner divorced in July 2014, with the latter agreeing to pay the "nonworking" former $186.04 a week for six years in... More »

Man Escapes Alimony After Wife Admits She's a Genie

So rules a court in United Arab Emirates

(Newser) - This story about a divorce in the United Arab Emirates begins in not-so-unusual fashion: A wife refuses to sleep with her husband, and he is not pleased. Then it gets weird: She tells him to talk to her parents, who explain that their daughter can't have sex with him... More »

Guy Who Raped Stepchild: Give Me My Spousal Support

Ed Abar files to have alimony reinstated now that he's out of jail

(Newser) - Warning: This story may make you want to punch something. Ed Abar has filed to have the alimony his ex-wife used to pay him reinstated—even though he was convicted of raping his ex-wife's daughter, CBS 2 of Los Angeles reports. Carol Abar married Ed in 1991, when her... More »

Demi Wants Ashton to Pay Alimony

Moore finally responds to Kutcher's divorce filing

(Newser) - It took a few months, but Demi Moore finally responded to Ashton Kutcher's divorce filing today—and she wants spousal support. Like Kutcher, Moore cited "irreconcilable differences" in the split, People reports, but Radar notes that she also may have confirmed Kutcher's cheating: She lists the date... More »

Berlusconi to Pay Ex-Wife $48M a Year

Former Italian prime minister coughs up hefty alimony deal

(Newser) - The good news for Silvio Berlusconi is that he gets to keep the $100 million villa. The bad news is that he has to pay ex-wife Veronica Lario $48 million a year in alimony, reports the BBC . The former Italian prime minister reached a settlement with Lario this week. It'... More »

Rodman a Broke, Sick Alcoholic, Court Told

'He's on a binge like never before,' says financial advisor at kid support hearing

(Newser) - Basketball's clownish bad boy Dennis Rodman is broke and an "extremely sick" alcoholic, his financial adviser revealed in court. Rodman, 51, was warned by an Orange County commissioner yesterday that he faces 20 days in jail for contempt of court if he doesn't pay $860,000 in... More »

Ex-Wife Fights Order to Pay Alimony to Her Attacker

Crystal Harris must also pay ex-hubby's $47K legal costs in sex assault conviction

(Newser) - A California woman is turning to the state legislature for help after she was ordered to pay alimony to the ex-husband convicted of sexually assaulting her. Crystal Harris, 39, told the judicial committee of the State Assembly yesterday that the 2010 court judgment "amounted to making a rape victim... More »

Massachusetts Ends Permanent Alimony

Practice is decreasing in weak economy

(Newser) - Massachusetts put a stop to most lifetime alimony payments yesterday, in what some are telling the Boston Globe are "the most dramatic change to family law in decades." The measure, which ends most support either when the alimony recipient moves in with another romantic partner or when the... More »

Berlusconi Loses $105M Villa in Divorce

Veronica Lario will take reduced alimony payment

(Newser) - Love hurts, but it's divorce that's pummeling Silvio Berlusconi's wallet, reports the Independent . He's agreed to fork over a $105 million villa that soon-to-be ex-wife Veronica Lario is extremely attached to, and she in return will settle for alimony much less than the $5.3 million a month she had... More »

McGreevey to Pay No Alimony in Angry Split

Ex-governor and 'gay American' to give lump sum, child support

(Newser) - Former New Jersey governor and “gay American” Jim McGreevey will pay no alimony to ex-wife Dina Matos, the Newark Star-Ledger reports. The Episcopal preacher-in-training was ordered to pay about $1,000 per month in child support, and more than $100,000 to Matos. Matos sought $1 million from McGreevey,... More »

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