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Human Remains Found in Black Hawk Crash Off Florida

7 Marines, 4 National Guard soldiers presumed dead

(Newser) - Eleven military personnel are missing after an Army helicopter crashed last night during a training exercise in the Florida Panhandle, and an anonymous official tells the AP they are presumed dead. "We have found some human remains," Eglin Air Force Base spokesman Andy Bourland tells NBC News . Seven... More »

6 Americans Dead in Afghan Helicopter Crash

1 survivor as Black Hawk goes down in Zabul province

(Newser) - Six US service members were killed today when a helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan, US and NATO officials said. One person on board the Black Hawk UH-60 was injured and survived, two US defense officials said. The aircraft was an Army helicopter from an Army unit, but officials have not... More »

Pakistan Let China Inspect Osama Raid Stealth Copter

If report is confirmed, it would worsen already terrible US-Pakistan relations

(Newser) - Despite US protests , Pakistan allowed Chinese officials to inspect the remains of the American secret stealth helicopter left behind after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, reports Reuters . A spokesman for the ISI, Pakistan's top spy agency, denied the accusations, but new reports indicate that Pakistan not only... More »

How the bin Laden Raid Almost Went Horribly Wrong

Officials give AP a detailed recounting of what really happened

(Newser) - SEAL Team 6 had an elaborate plan for the Osama bin Laden raid—and it evaporated pretty much immediately. The plan had called for a pincher attack, with one team of SEALs entering the house from the roof, and another from the courtyard, sources tell the AP in an exclusive... More »

China Eager to See Stealth Chopper From Osama Raid

And Pakistan seems happy to oblige

(Newser) - The stealth chopper that didn't make it back from the Osama bin Laden raid is giving Pakistan a little diplomatic revenge. Pakistani officials made a point to tell ABC News they might let China "take a look" at the super-secret helicopter, which had to be left behind after... More »

Raid Revelation: US Has Top Secret Stealth Helicopter

Military analysts say wreckage looks like modified Blackhawk

(Newser) - How did an elite team of Navy SEALs manage to sneak up on Osama bin Laden, apparently catching him in his pajamas ? With the help of top secret stealth helicopters, it seems. One of the Blackhawk helicopters used by the SEALs was damaged during the raid after clipping one... More »

Obama Proposes $60B Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia

Boasts record-setting deal will create jobs

(Newser) - The Obama administration plans to offer Saudi Arabia $60 billion worth of advanced aircraft, in what would be the largest arms deal in US history. The deal may also be expanded by tens of billions more to include naval and missile-defense upgrades, the Wall Street Journal reports. The administration intends... More »

14 Americans Killed in 2 Afghan Chopper Crashes

28 injured in collision, crash

(Newser) - A pair of helicopter crashes today in Afghanistan killed 14 US troops and civilian workers and injured at least 28 others. In the first crash, a helicopter went down in the west of the country after leaving the scene of a firefight with insurgents, killing 10 Americans—seven troops and... More »

US Soldier Killed in Iraq Blackhawk Crash

Aircraft crashes have become less common in Iraq

(Newser) - An American solider was killed and 12 others were wounded last night when a Blackhawk helicopter crashed at a US base in Iraq, the AP reports. The cause of the crash is unknown and is now under investigation. Air crashes have become less common in Iraq, Reuters says, since the... More »

Double Copter Crash Kills Soldier in Baghdad

(Newser) - A pair of Black Hawk helicopters crash-landed in northern Baghdad today and killed an Iraqi soldier, AFP reports. Two American soldiers and two Iraqi soldiers were also injured. The US military did not suspect enemy fire and called the situation "under control. Emergency services are on the scene."... More »

Hundreds Plucked From Grand Canyon Flood

Campers caught as dam breaks

(Newser) - Hundreds of tourists, along with members of the Havasupai Native American tribe, were rescued from the Grand Canyon today after a dam broke causing serious flooding. About 300 people were rescued by helicopter over a 10-hour period after the Redlands Dam, south of the village of Supai, and 220 miles... More »

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