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This Photo Just Made Scientists' Entire Week

6th orca calf born since December spotted off San Juan Island

(Newser) - Scientists are celebrating after a days-old orca calf was spotted off the west coast of Washington state's San Juan Island on Saturday. The calf was born into one of three pods of Southern Resident orca whales, known as "J Pod," which happens to have the best record... More »

End of Tale for Baby Whale

Stranded humpback calf put down after nuzzling Sidney ships

(Newser) - A lost baby humpback whale who broke the world's heart when it nuzzled ships near Sydney was put down today with an overdose of anesthetic, reports the Australian. Experts say the calf, dubbed Colin, had no chance of surviving. The whale had been attacked by sharks and needed several months... More »

Baby Whale to Be Euthanized

Shark-inflicted injuries take toll on humpback deteriorating after separation from mother

(Newser) - Australia’s wildlife service plans to kill the baby whale that mistook a yacht for its mother in a bay north of Sydney, the Morning Herald reports. Veterinarians say the whale, plagued by shark-inflicted injuries and breathing difficulties, doesn’t have long to live anyway. A team will administer a... More »

Baby Whale's Fate Appears Grim

Calf needs milk fast, and won't get it from yacht it thinks is its mother

(Newser) - The humpback whale calf who mistook a yacht for its mother in the waters off Sydney is unlikely to survive the week, reports the Australian. "It has to get humpback whale milk and there is no way that that can be provided in captivity" said a government environmental official.... More »

4 Stories