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Obama's Speech Ratings Keep Dropping

...and dropping ... and dropping

(Newser) - Obama just isn't reeling them in like he used to: It turns out 25.6 million of us tuned in to Obama's Libya speech on Monday night. That's down 12% from his August 2010 Iraq speech, whose 29.2 million viewers were down 9% from his speech in June of... More »

A Record 111M Tuned in Last Night

111 million tuned in for big game: Nielsen

(Newser) - For the second year in a row, the Super Bowl has set a new record for American television viewing. The Nielsen Co. said today that an estimated 111 million people watched the Green Bay Packers outlast the Pittsburgh Steelers in football's ultimate game. That tops the 106.5 million who... More »

Let the Conan Backlash Begin

Face it, O'Brien's ratings weren't great

(Newser) - Conan O’Brien joins the ranks of the unemployed today, so the ousted Tonight Show host now has plenty of time to track the backlash and second-guessing about the TV shell game. Jay Leno remains the villain of the piece, but the hard truth is that O’Brien never drew... More »

As the End Nears, O'Brien's Ratings Soar

Nation of jobless tunes in to watch him jab at NBC execs

(Newser) - Conan O'Brien is about to be out of a job, and his bitter cracks on NBC execs are doing what his show did not—viewership has soared. O'Brien's ratings have been rising through the week, and Tonight ratings Friday were 50% higher than they've been this season. O'Brien beat out... More »

If Danica Moves to NASCAR, Buckle Up

Marketers say she could up viewership, sponsorship

(Newser) - If Danica Patrick switches gears from open-wheel racing to NASCAR, she could provide a much-needed boost to the recession-scarred circuit, experts tell Advertising Age. “Every TV rating for every race will increase” if Patrick makes the shift, says a sports marketing exec. Track attendance would rise, and women’s... More »

Obama Spot Snags 22% of Viewers

Buying time on all networks but ABC still misses most in major markets

(Newser) - Just about a fifth of watchers in big US media markets tuned in to last night’s Barack Obama infomercial, even though the spot aired on four of five major networks, the Chicago Tribune reports. The highest ratings were in Baltimore, where a little less than a third of families... More »

Cruel TV Makes for Crueler Viewers: Study

Meanness of Mean Girls as influential as killing in Kill Bill

(Newser) - Psychologists have long known about the link between on-screen violence and real-life aggression, but a new study suggests video cruelty has much the same effect, USA Today reports. Groups of subjects shown either footage from Mean Girls of the hands-off hostility known as "relational aggression" or a knife fight... More »

NBC's Olympic Ratings: Gold

Phelps' record-breaking swim is highlight of network's bonanza

(Newser) - NBC’s Olympic coverage smashed the competition last week, in what Variety suggests could be the most decisive rout in television history. Viewership was buoyed by Michael Phelps’ record-breaking gold-medal performance Saturday; in addition, NBC’s various networks reached a staggering 83% of the US. The margins were the biggest... More »

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